Why do Atheists care about Religion?

Description for this video by the author:
Atheists are often asked, "If you don't believe in God, why do you care about religion?" This is one atheist's answer to that very question.

Note... I was recently informed that the quote attributed to former President George Bush, Sr. is in question. He allegedly made the comment when he was Vice-President and campaigning for the Presidency. The statement was heard by one journalist without other verification. I have been informed that the details given by the journalist may have changed over time. I am dedicated to the truth and would not wish to pass on falsehoods.

Along these same lines, I was recently informed by someone that Maryland's statue was changed a long time ago. Atheists are no longer forbidden to hold public office there. However, a different individual told me that the statute is still in effect and that there are other passages in Maryland's laws that adversely affect atheists. Until I have concrete information regarding these things, please take them with a degree of skepticism.

Thank you.

The main music in the video is "Funky Like Humans" by Odd One Out. Song used with permission. The intro music was created by Imrational.

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