Why do Atheists care about Religion?

Description for this video by the author:
Atheists are often asked, "If you don't believe in God, why do you care about religion?" This is one atheist's answer to that very question.

Note... I was recently informed that the quote attributed to former President George Bush, Sr. is in question. He allegedly made the comment when he was Vice-President and campaigning for the Presidency. The statement was heard by one journalist without other verification. I have been informed that the details given by the journalist may have changed over time. I am dedicated to the truth and would not wish to pass on falsehoods.

Along these same lines, I was recently informed by someone that Maryland's statue was changed a long time ago. Atheists are no longer forbidden to hold public office there. However, a different individual told me that the statute is still in effect and that there are other passages in Maryland's laws that adversely affect atheists. Until I have concrete information regarding these things, please take them with a degree of skepticism.

Thank you.

The main music in the video is "Funky Like Humans" by Odd One Out. Song used with permission. The intro music was created by Imrational.


Anonymous said...

Maryland's Bill of Rights, Article 36, contains the requirement that belief in a supreme being is necessary to hold public office.

Anonymous said...

I know that it's totally off the beaten path, but I'm curious to hear anyone's explaination for the videos that these links will send you to. I hope that someone will respond, and that includes Dave the WM. Thanks :)



webmdave said...

Without a bit more information, I suppose I'd have to file both of those videos alongside clips of Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, UFOs and healing evangelists.

In other words, I'm skeptical.

Anonymous said...

It's not funny to joke around like that by saying you were in a car wreck and was killed, but I suppose there are people that would do that. Also with the way technology is the police video could have been fixed. Thanks Dave.

Jason said...

Looks like someone had some fun with a video camera. Kind of a "Blair Witch Project" style of movie.

boomSLANG said...

Why does a disembodied "spirit" need to wear clothes? Also, why need the car door be opened for a "ghost"? 'Got Criss Angel? Everybody together, now--- B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T. lol

RSM said...

It's not funny to joke around like that by saying you were in a car wreck and was killed, but I suppose there are people that would do that. Also with the way technology is the police video could have been fixed. Thanks Dave.

I never saw the "Thief in the Night" movie but I saw a clip. It was in Randall Balmer's "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory," that traces the history of evangelicalism/fundamentalism in the USA.

In that video Balmer interviews Josh McDowell and challenges him regarding the use fear to convert people. McDowell's answer: It's better to scare them into heaven than having them miss it altogether.

I call it lying.

J. C. Samuelson said...

Regarding those two 'ghost' videos, the first one is definitely fake. There's a couple reasons for this.

First, the camera effects after the girl gets in the car cover up a slowing down of the video. If you watch the dashboard near the steering wheel starting at about 5:57 to 6:03, you'll notice that a cell phone (flip-style, open) appears. This is right after one of those weird swirl effects (probably masking a fast-forward or pause) happens to the camera.

Second, the cameraman can't seem to get his camera out of the girl's face from the moment she gets in the car. Later, after one swirl effect, the cell phone appears, followed by another swirl effect, at which point he turns to again look at the girl. If the swirl effect was to mask a fast forward or pause, it gave the girl time to put make-up on, and it explains the sudden appearance of the cell on the dash.

Finally, why does the girl scream into the camera, with her arms raised up to scare him, and how does that cause the driver to lose control?

To me, this is like the 'screamer' videos a lot of people have made as practical jokes to scare the pants off kids and coworkers (who should be working instead of watching videos).

As for the second one, there are too many possibilities. Maybe it's just me, but it looks like the fence ends just to the right of where the police cruiser stops. It's possible that the getaway car got around it faster than they expected, then turned again. The unintended result being that from their perspective it looked like he went through the fence instead of around. Or, perhaps the fence wasn't fastened properly to the side posts, and he did go through the fence, like going through a single sheet curtain. There was enough dust that it could've obscured the fence coming back down. I dunno. Didn't watch that one real close.

rossextian said...

Yes, Thomas Jefferson was a deist, Benjamin Franklin believed in reincarnation, and there are other examples of how not all of our country's Founding Fathers were Christians.

During the Revolutionary War, only one third of the colonists supported the Patriot cause, one third were neutral, and the other third of the colonists were Loyalists. The situation would be where you would fighting on the Patriot side in the Continental Army, while your brother would a Loyalist serving in a Loyalist regiment, or even the British Army itself.

The rallying cry of the Loyalists was "God save the King!" Many of the Loyalists were fundamentalist Christians who fought for the Crown because they sincerely believed King George to God's divinely-appointed ruler of the colonies. They believed that the Declaration of Independence was contrary to the will of God.

I would love it if Hollywood would make a movie about the Revlutionary War from the Loyalist point of view. It would be so refreshing to see the other side portrayed on the big screen! I say this because as a patriotic American, for whom is no doubt in my mind that the Patriot side was the right side in the Revolutionary War, I still admire the Loyalists as noble adversaries.

However, the Christians in the Christian Right, who would condemn a movie from the Loyalist of view, would have been Loyalists, themselves, had they actually lived during the Revolutionary War!

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