Shadows of Doubt

20 videos documenting several documentaries on disbelief aired in England and presented by Jonathan Miller.


Anonymous said...

There is no shadow of doubt just unbelief!

In all probability at least two thirds of the world are unbelievers, is there any doubt, If so then take a good look at the affairs of the world, war, killing , love of pleasure,selfishness, lust, and greed. of the few while the many starve to death, from lack of love , while the world builds implements to kill, murder and maim, WMD the so-called civilized few free of the world have more implements of WMD than, than all the rest of the Nations combined.

Thuis world is a joke!

Which Nations are Satanic?

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic series! Thank you to whoever introduced it here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, roughly half of the world´s population is either Muslim or Christian. A further fifth is either Hindu or Buddhist.

True unbelievers, people who profess no god at all, are a very small minority at 8%.

This world is a mess, more or less, yes, but it is not so in spite of the believers. The believers are no better than the unbelievers, maybe even worse in some ways.

Anonymous said...

"This world is a mess, more or less, yes, but it is not so in spite of the believers. The believers are no better than the unbelievers, maybe even worse in some ways"

It's not really either, its irrationality that causes all the mess, all the biggest genocides, bloodiest wars and greatest injustices have been carried out either by organised religion or extreme stateism such as communism or nazism which effectively deify their nation or philosophy. When folks actually *think* about things logically the world keeps turning happily, its only when you suspend the use of your upper brain that it all goes to hell.

webmdave said...

"This world is a mess, more or less..."

Compared to what?

I always wonder why people think the world is a mess. To what are they comparing things? Some idealized vision in their imagination? To the world 1,000 years ago? To their memories as children?

In what way is the world a mess?

Now, is there death, disease, cruelty, perversity, war, crime, etc.? Well, yes, but there is also love, compassion, self-sacrifice, family, friendship, etc.

Have you ever watched the social lives of cats or dogs? Have you ever noticed how much they fight among themselves? I've had to take our cat to the vet a dozen times to be treated for wounds received by some some other cat somewhere. Some of the dogs I've owned were always ready for a good dog fight. What am I trying to say? Violence is every bit as much a part of life on planet Earth as are all the nice qualities. Violence is a useful tool for survival, and even today a certain amount of human aggressiveness is greatly appreciated when found in our leaders. Who wants a wimpy president? Who wants a wimpy father? Even Christians like to talk about the wrath and judgment of GOD, and when GOD puts on his judgment robes, he's one bad mo-fo. Right?

So violence, in some cases, is even praised.

The world is what it is. We are evolved animals who ascended the food chain, in part, because we were the meanest son-of-a-guns on the planet. We've only been out of the caves for a few thousand years. It's going to take quite some time before our species can even hope to approach some form of imagined idealized society (whatever that might actually look like), and until then we have to continue to push forward, for the sake of our kids and our kind.

Saying "this world is a mess" is depressing and inaccurate. The world is NOT a mess — the world is the way the world is because that's the way the world is. We aren't trapped in a world controlled by some super-powerful devil or some angry deity, we are in control, and we can make this world into whatever we want it to be.

Is that idea filled with hope? Yes! Is that idea filled with terror? Yes! I think we could go in either direction, frankly. We're smart enough and stupid enough as a species to advance humanity or destroy it, all in the name of some higher purpose. But, regardless, the future of our kind is still up to us.

Anonymous said...

Is that Bernard Hill who rattles off all the quotes throughout the vids?

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