Building a home, God's way

By Neal Stone

So there you are. One day you decide you are going to have kids. You've decided that you are going to build a home for them as well. But there is one problem. The only neighborhood available is infested with real bad guys -- thieves, murderers and the like.

You decide you only have one of three choices:

A. Go ahead and build and hope that these bad guys won't harm or influence your children.


B. Wait until the bad guys are put away forever and the neighborhood is cleaned up. Then move in.


C. Find a better neighborhood.

If you chose B or C, then congratulations! You are smarter than God and obviously care a lot about your children.

If you chose A, like the god of Genesis, how did that work out for you?

The real irony is that the one who influenced Adam and Eve are the very same one God let go after a major battle in heaven. According to the book of Job, Satan visits with God daily. So why isn't he captured and put away?

When I looked for a house for my family I looked in the decent neighborhoods -- not just anywhere -- because I want the best for my family.

A nice house is useless if it's in a bad neighborhood.

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