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Christian Persecution

By Neal Stone

When I was attending church I was amazed at the number of men who claimed they were being persecuted at work or by family and friends about their faith. I would marvel at their “testimony for God” and how they stood the test and blah, blah, blah...

It wouldn't be till years later I would see the truth.

Christian persecution is BS plain and simple! It is nothing more than self-persecution. Imagine you are at work and doing your job. You are a good worker too and while you chat with your co-workers you focus on getting the job done.

Along come some guy and he introduces himself and then ask “If you died today do you have assurance you would go to heaven?”. Huh? This is exactly what we were told to say when we “witnessed” to others.

It's bad enough to put someone on the defensive right away but why stop there? Most of the time the co-worker would say “no thanks”. But that wouldn't stop these guys, they would continue to share their beliefs and make some point to explain their beliefs to the point of harassment.

The co-workers would get to the point of filing a complaint or just going off on this person.

I am a computer geek. Lest say you hated computers and one day I came up and started to bug you about getting a computer. Then lets say you said “No!” but I continued to bug you every chance I get. It wouldn't take long before you got pissed and told me off or complained to the boss. Am I being persecuted because you got upset? NO!

Christian persecution is BS plain and simple! It is nothing more than self-persecution.

These guys were treated like heroes because they “took a stand” and endured persecution for Jesus. The truth is they were just jerks who felt they had a right to push and shove their beliefs on others.

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