Would you believe...?

By Neal Stone

That famous line from Get Smart. So many Christians use it today. For example, “Jesus is coming back by the year 2000...would you believe 2011?”

Go to any Christian and ask “Do you believe in Santa Clause?”.

They will of course say, “No I don't believe in a guy who can watch and monitor millions of children each year; who tracks who is naughty and who is nice; who can deliver presents to those millions in a 24-hour period by riding in a sleigh pulled by reindeer; who is surrounded by magical elves who spend the whole year building these toys to be delivered all living at the north pole.”

But ask that same Christian. “Do you believe in God?”

They while proudly state “Yes I believe in God who can monitor, record and playback the lives of everyone who has ever lived; who lives far out at the edge of the universe but can still hear the prayers pf billions of people millions at a time; who came down from heaven to live with us then die and raise himself from the dead; who will reward everyone according to his deeds and is even building a huge place for all of us who believe to live; who will one day return on a flying white horse and take his people home; and lets not forget how he created the entire universe out of nothing just using his voice.”

Now comes the crazy part. If you research history you will find more evidence of Santa Clause then of Jesus. In fact, Santa Claus can be traced back to a real person who inspired the one we know today. As for Jesus? Not much there as evidence, is there? In fact, many of the events in the Bible are lacking evidence.

When it comes down to it, Santa is easier to believe in than Jesus, based on evidence alone. On top of that, no one ever died in the name of Santa or killed for Clause.

Santa doesn't play hide and seek with us either. We all know where he lives and can even get there to see proof of whether he exists or not. We can even go as far as writing him and the post office will deliver.

No don't get me wrong; I don't really believe in Santa, but believing in Santa does make more sense.

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