Heath Ledger is in HELL!!!

By Jackie H

Today I was on my way to work (in Sydney), listening to the radio. This week is no-ratings week so they're playing "best-ofs"... They played an interview with crazy psycho lady Shirley Phelps-Roper from Westboro Baptist Church (She was being interviewed by Kyle & Jackie O from 2dayFM Sydney). It was in regard to Heath Ledger of course. When he died I did hear vaguely about some church in America putting up signs saying Heath was now in hell, but I never really followed the full story.
There are wackos out there that think that hell is a good idea and they even like the idea of it!
In my opinion, Heath was the sexiest guy alive, plus a brilliant actor! He was also close to my age so I was really sad when I heard he had died. When I first heard about the whole "Heath is now in Hell" thing, I thought, thank god I don't believe in hell anymore!! If I had still been a christian then it would have really upset me, because my belief system would've said yes he probably was in hell, but the idea of hell never sat right with me, in fact it was the whole hell concept that finally made me reject christianity.

Anyway, back to Shirley Phelps-Roper... Today was the first time I heard her speak, and OMG, I don't think there are words in the English language to describe how disgusting she is. It's one thing to believe in the bible (like most of us here once did)... it's another thing entirely to rejoice in someone's death and in particular, rejoice in someone going to hell!! The concept of hell obviously does not disturb her at all!

I Googled the news report and found the church had quoted
"Heath Ledger is now in Hell, and has begun serving his eternal sentence there"...
How on earth can any sane, compassionate person not be disturbed by the concept of hell? I kinda thought that deep down most christians must wrestle with the concept of hell at least a little... but clearly there are wackos out there that think that hell is a good idea and they even like the idea of it!! That's sick.

It's always been my opinion that no-one deserves to go to hell for eternity, even Hitler... But you know what? I probably wouldn't mind that much if that Shirley woman went there! Lucky for her it doesn't exist...

I could never understand how anyone could ever have "peace that surpasses all understanding" while knowing that even 1 fellow human being might end up in hell... let alone billions...

I now have more peace than I ever had as a christian...

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