The Crucifixion Proves the Unjust Nature of the Christian God

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Putting to one side for the moment the whole problem of "sin" -- That is, the ludicrous notion that an omnipotent deity can be offended or injured by the very thoughts of its supposed creation -- I think that I have identified a fatal flaw in Christianity.

When questioned by skeptics and nonbelievers, a follower of the Dead-Rabbi-On-A-Stick cult will sometimes use the following line of unreasoning:
  • God is 'perfect', whatever that actually means. And apparently we are not. Duh. We're humans.

  • Thanks to our terrifying imperfection, we've succeeded in doing something that has annoyed the Big Guy. That's a capital offense; therefore, we have to die.

  • Unfortunately, that isn't good enough. This god (whom we somehow offended) requires a perfect sacrifice, and we ain't it. Therefore, something perfect has to die. And the only perfect thing in the whole universe is... You guessed it! ...the very same god who wants this perfect sacrifice.

  • So he incarnates as a human (by raping a young woman and cuckolding her fiancĂ©), then acts up until the local authorities get mad enough to nail him to a Roman torture-and-execution device.

    (Ooh, kinky... Apparently it isn't enough for Mr. Perfect to simply die; this sadomasochistic deity also requires suffering. Suffice it to say that such a sacrificial methodology does not conform to orthodox Judaic law, even if we scratch out "human" and write in "lamb" in crayon.)

  • And then all is well... But only if you agree that this whole cockeyed scenario was a wonderful divine plan. Otherwise, you have to be tortured for eternity. And somehow, the eternal torture of sentient beings is not a sin.
And here is the injustice of it all:

If we can do nothing to expiate our own alleged "sins", then we have been targeted for very cruel and very, very unusual punishment by a being committing an egregious and obscene abuse of power.

If Biblegod==Jesus, then what we're dealing with is a rather bizarre cosmic kink, complete with thorns, whips, bonds, and verbal abuse... Paid to and from the same entity. Kind of like paying a debt by moving a dollar from your left pocket to your right pocket.

If Biblegod and Jesus are distinct beings, and we accept this sacrifice of a third party for our alleged misdeeds... We become accessories after the fact to an act of torture and (at least attempted) murder.

News flash to Christians everywhere: Contrary to what you keep telling us and yourselves, being "washed in the blood of the Lamb" does not cleanse you. It is a stain on your precious, non-sinful humanity. It is wilful complicity in a supernatural shell game. It is abrogation of reason.

It is wrong.

Stop it. Now.

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