New Year, Old Messages

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Often do we find a new year filled with new opportunities and a chance to start fresh. Many make resolutions for the new year (that never seem to be followed). And with all of this we still have that wonderful old message that so many at this site despise.....
"God sent Jesus to die on the cross to save us. Turn back to Him before you are damned to the depths of Hell forever."

We all want this message to disappear from existence, as it's obvious that nobody [here] cares. Yet those who come to this website regurgitate it in a futile attempt to re-convert us. They do it over and over again. And again. And AGAIN.


Why do you come here to try to convert us when we just kicked the stuff?

Why do you think you have a better chance at converting us than all the other Christians who come here?

Why did you search for this website just to "save us," when all you accomplish is irritating everyone else?

Why do you continuously ignore the tons of facts we present to you, only retaliating with dogma?

Why do you believe in a deity that has no shred of evidence that it ever interacted with the Earth?

Why do you pick quotes out of a book that is repeatedly contradictory?

Why do you live your lives according to a book that has no known authors?

Why do you not open your minds to other beliefs, and step out of your Christian viewpoints, even for just a minute?

Why can't you understand?!

Take a moment so you can understand what I am saying here. Some people believe that Allah is real. Others believed that Zeus is real. Some Buddha. So ask questions about your religion. Be skeptical. Be Investigatory. Ask yourself, "Who influenced my beliefs? Why do I still remain in my religion?"

Is there truly a god?

Some might say yes. Others might say no. Even a rare few say they don't have an answer.

To me, the answer is no. When you step out of your religious world, you can take a glance at other religions. There is always one of two questions that pop into your brain:
  1. "Huh, their religion is interesting. I wonder what reasons they have for not believing in the same stuff that I do?"
  2. "Why can't they see that God is the only answer? They're going to go to Hell for eternity!"

As you can see, #1 is the more open-minded question. #2 cannot comprehend the reasons for different religions. If #1 is what appears in your head first, then you're on your way to seeing the world for what it is: A place where different customs and races coexist on one giant space rock (not always peacefully). When you accept this, then hopefully you will reject the shackles of a confusing religion and enjoy the rest of your life without worry.

If you hear #2 shouting at you first, your brain is set on a straight course through Christianity and you ignore everything and everyone who can't understand what you do. Nobody likes this kind of person, except those who also share the same viewpoints.

If you can't get along in this world, then all you're doing is shutting yourself off to something even you can't explain.

I brought up a few topics in this rant, but here's my main point:

Don't ignore the facts. Ignorance is not an excuse for a narrow mind.

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