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Christopher Hitchens on God, religion, and...

Christopher Hitchens
is widely-published polemicist and frequent radio and TV commentator and contributing editor to Vanity Fair and a visiting professor of liberal studies at the New School. In the tradition of Bertrand Russell's "Why I Am Not a Christian" and Sam Harris's recent bestseller, "The End of Faith," Hitchens makes a case against religion in "God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything." With a close reading of the major religious texts, he documents the ways in which he believes religion is a cause of dangerous sexual repression and a distortion of our origins in the cosmos, and frames the argument for a more secular life based on science and reason. Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Life and University Book Store in Seattle.


Anonymous said...

Great talk, I admire Mr. Hitchens, although he can be quite brash. Ar the end of this video he talks about genital manipulation and it is quite interesting. The idea that, according to some religious fanatics, sex should be as uncomfortable and miserable as possible, and this being why they circumsise/mutilate. What a sad reality for them.

TastyPaper said...

My Hero!

xrayman said...

I just love this asshole !!!!!! He is such a prick, but he is the kind of warrior we need. I wish there were a whole army of Chistopher Hitchens to do battle with religion.

I must say I am very happy to be circimcised so I am in disagreement about that issue. It's like plastic surgery for a cock that every male in a clivilized country should have for hygine reasons alone.

IPU said...

Christopher Hitchens most pointedly mentions that all these mutilations are just fine as long as an adult decides this for themselves and is not foisted on an infant that has no choice in the matter. As an aside, Hitchens tells in his book of the scenario where a Hassidic mohel in New York caused the death of infant boys by infecting them with herpes as a result of the ghastly necessity to suck off the cut foreskin with their mouthes !!! ugh!