Happy Xmas


Comix said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I have to say that watching the three videos produced an emotional experience not unlike those I experienced as a Xtian and "in the spirit." Goes to show you what religion is truly about.

Anyway, thanks Dave for posting these three videos. The first one was very moving and helps remind us that everyone will not have a good Xmas this year and that we should remember the less fortunate. "Imagine" is probably one of my most favorite songs. This song means a lot to me especially now that I am an exXtian. The "This is Christmas" song was just beautiful as well.

Thanks again for posting these.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave and Merry Christmas! I appreciate all that you have done for me.

SCOUT said...

Thank you Dave for all you've done for me & others out there simlpy seeking the truth & enlightenment. May the milk of human kindness guide us all to a better quality of life. I especially loved Ghandi's quote of "an eye for an eye" makes us all blind. The quote is such a slap in the face to "bible love". there is so much love & kindness within one's self, thanks for helping bring it out in us all. Happy Festivus!

1 Sweet Rock said...


I love you like a brother for everything you do here. It might be weird to say that, but I am grateful to you for being in the trenches with us to share in our woes and wonders.

These videos made me feel even more kindred to all here who have left the church of the unknown and unforgiven.

I agree with 2b, in that these expressions of human spirit have a way of making you feel closer to your fellow man by having understanding of the struggles we all face to find peace in world filled with righteous dictators in a sea of fearful masses.

Not that I am all that supportive of conspiracy's, but there just HAS to be something to the decades of assassinations that took the lives of many people who were visionaries ahead of their life's times and circumstance.

They may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I truly do miss John. Thanks for reminding us of the people who have made such a difference for others through their life's honest endeavors to live with passion and love with strength.

Have a Merry Twistmas everyone!
With love from,

clair said...

Yes, this certainly does bring an emotional response even from the icy hearted me. Much more so than at the play I went to last night where they mashed together the easter play and christmas. A bunch of rednecks kicked the crap out of JC and killed him, the emotions were there in the fundie crowd. It really was pure art, because these people belive so strongly. I was thinking while the church folk were crying, about the many people everywhere that would be helped if everyone focused on reality. Focusing on people hurting now, hungry and cold now. Not 2000+ years ago, and right now we are here. Anyway, many thanks to Dave, our lives are improved in the here and now because of you, and also thank you to all the people trying to do your best and seek logic. C

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dave for posting the videos. The song "Imagine" by John Lennon has a very special meaning for me personally.

Thank you also for taking the time to reply to my emails. :)

Ever since I left the Christian Faith, a few years back, I have been learning how to accept others and respect different beliefs without passing judgment like I did back when I was a christian.

I come from a highly conservative christian family background where "Bigotry" is also very common among many members of my family unfortunately. As much persecution and alienation that I have dealt with from some of my family along with other long time christian friends, I can at least say that it just feels good knowing that I have decided to break that trend in my family along with other former christian associates, and step outside of the christian box.

Thank you very much Dave, for being a guide for us who have chosen to leave christianity.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Those were beautiful. I hope that if nothing else is eventually remembered about the 20th century, John Lennon's words will live on. When I was a young teenager, I loved "Imagine", but I was uncomfortable about the "no religion too" line. Now I can fully embrace the song, in total agreement with all of the lyrics!

Anonymous said...

Whateverlolawants Wrote: "When I was a young teenager, I loved "Imagine", but I was uncomfortable about the "no religion too" line. Now I can fully embrace the song, in total agreement with all of the lyrics!"

I can so relate to your above statement. You took the words right out of my mouth. :)

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