There is no one way to God

By Nick @

Most religions are exclusionary and therefore prejudicial to each other. One would do well to research and go back to the dawn of real civilization and the far Eastern religions that Jesus learned and used in the attempt at the reformation of Judaism. St. Paul borrowed from the pagan religion of Mithras to forge and recreate Judaism into a cult of “The Christ” from the Greek term Christos and Jesus of Nazareth became Jesus Christ. The cult of Mithras predates St. Paul by a least a thousand years. The Roman army first encountered the cult of Mithras in Persia (now Iran) during the reign of the emperor Nero, its origins in India have been traced back to 1400 BC.

There were over 17 different religious cults that spawned from this movement that began by this reformation and the Pauline Christians eventually became the most accepted. Paul broke away from the original teachings of Judaism by allowing dietary laws and circumcision (an integral part of being Jewish) to no longer be a part of this reformation because of the difficulty of gaining converts. Hmm, let’s see, I can’t eat this, this, and this, and I have to do what with my penis?? Pretty tough job gaining conversions hence his actions. James, Jesus’ brother called Paul back to Jerusalem and chastised him for taking such liberties doing this. Nonetheless, Paul was undaunted and history is written by those who succeed or conquer. Jesus was made Divine by humans; transformed to a Diety in 325 AD by the pagan King Constantine and the now “Holy Roman” Catholic Church. This merger created a new Europe, literally, by combining East and West to band together for the first time in history. The New Testament was created at this council by the selection and editing of “holy” scrolls that they now called “gospels” literally meaning good tiding or good news, and combining them together with the Old Testament. This “codex” as it was called was then declared the basis for this merger of Paganism (the worship of Helios, Ra, and the Mithras cult) and Christianity. These are the facts. Fanatics and obstinate believers of “their God only” will always distort, smokescreen, deliniate, obscure, and alter these facts to their advantage. Always.

There is no one way to God. Your consciousness is all that you have in this dimension. Whatever you believe, that is the psychosis that you create. I don’t expect hard line believers to understand this, as no one that is so wrapped up the My God Only contingent ever does. To not address real history and other beliefs such as Shintos, Budhhists (which actually is not a religion but a way of life), Hindus, Bahá’í Faiths, Zoroastrianists, Native American religions, African traditional religions, Taoists, Judaism, Islamics, Gnostics, and hundreds of other both current and ancient makes one just as prejudiced as Ms. Coulter.

Catholics, Protestants, Methodists, Lutherans, LDS Mormoms or any other Christian groups are totally different from one other. Each one’s dogma is substantially different so does that make them less than perfect as well? According to the spiritual leader of Catholics, only Catholic dogma is correct, therefore they are the only real Christians. The Catholic church tolerates those other “cults” in public, but not when it comes to strict doctrine. They are the only “true” Christians within Christianity, that is the only true religion, because they have bishops. Hey Ann, go fight that one out with the Pope. This whole thing makes me want to go see “The Life Of Brian” by Monty Python again. “…..Judean People’s Front? We’re the People’s Front of Judea” “. ….. Listen. The only people we hate more than the Romans are the (expletive) Judean People’s Front.” “…Oh! I thought we were the Popular Front. Whatever happened to the Popular Front, Reg?” (points to an old man) “He’s over there.”

Guess what people? No one has a monopoly on the belief of a God, a Divine Being, The Creator. To call it by a name, “do it well to count the angels dancing on pin.”

Unless you study history with an open mind and stop reading the Bible literally, this obliqueness of understanding will always be present. Yes, Ann and others like her; you believe in only your god, on your terms, in your mind. My god is on my terms, in my mind. I’ve died and come back and experienced crossing over. It’s all about what you’ve experienced and I know love and understand that it is all there is, but yet very ignorant and undereducated know-it-alls allow and promote the bloodshed that continues unabated because of such closed minds. And really just to make money. Isn’t that why Jesus threw the moneychangers (the vendors who were making money) out of the sacred Temple of Jerusalem during the high holy days? A great example if I’ve ever seen one. Why don’t you start by following that example? He rejected the making of profit from religion. For him it was about the individual’s devotion to spirituality of man to God, not the act of being saved by someone else. Look to the inside for the salvation of your soul, look to the inside to see the essence of God, of the eternal. You don’t have a choice-your mind perceives all that you are-look inside yourself for answers, they are there. Jesus was a great man, his ideas still hold great promise if people knew what they were through the obscurity of what someone else tells them. Your are the temple of God, you are all that is now. It’s all about love, love of the self, and sacrifice for each other, get it yet? If you don’t, well, that is less than perfect.

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