In Jesus' name

Another video by Pat Condell


Sandy said...

Thanks for posting! This ones really good. Made my day.

SpaceMonk said...

Another great video from Pat.

Isn't that an awesome idea though?
I think it deserves repeating here:
for anyone who wants to at least sign the petition/s.

twincats said...

Love Pat!

I only have one slight disagreement; I think most televangelists are parasites rather than predators because they feed off their victims but seldom kill them outright.

Anonymous said...

Pat is always fun to listen to. I also agree with Twincats that most TV evangelists are parasites. My grandmother gave money to them out of fear until she died of old age at 90 years. My mother had to deal with all of the junk mail that kept on coming in.

Anonymous said...

I love this guy!!!Pat, keep those cards and letters coming!

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