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The Apocalypse of Peter

Clement of Alexandria considered the Apocalypse of Peter to be holy scripture.


billybee said...

Awesome information

This is the kind of stuff that will jarr the minds of "reachable" believers.

Education works!

Pull The Other One! said...

'Oh no! - not universal redemption!

Get rid of it!!!'

twincats said...

I'm with pull the other one, don't wanna go to heaven; it sounds like a colossal drag.

On the other hand, if we're all there, we can still hang out together and laugh at the fundies, so maybe it's not all bad!

Odin is better said...

I am confused i am a fornicator and an blasphemer. How can they hang me by my tongue and my balls....Anyway I always new Jesus was a softy. You could say he nailed it! Take that Pat Roberson, i am going to give you the biggest tity twister in heaven, then drink scotch with Ghandi and Jack the Ripper at the same time. It makes sense....

Spirula said...

How can they hang me by my tongue and my balls

It's called Satan's hammock.

The AntiChristian said...

Where're the bars gonna be, heaven or hell?