Morality as Truth: A Rogerian argument on Creationism

A video presentation by Aspirin99

As part of my graduate program, I'm taking a Rhetorical Theory class. For the last assignment, I was asked to take something I had previously written and improve it using principles we had studied.

I chose Rogerian Argument. This principle is suggested for debating topics of hot emotional content, such as religion and politics. It seeks to place the opponent at ease by telling him or her what you like about their views and then finding common ground from which to start the discussion.

I chose to take correspondence regarding Creationism and turn it into a Rogerian documentary video. I enlisted the help of Antlerman, a mod in the forums, to do some of the voice-overs.

It's an hour-long documentary that I made in two weeks; so, it's not perfect, but I think you'll like it. I have not chopped it into 10-minute segments yet for Youtube, but it can be watched from my website (and here). I made a fast forward button for the player, so you can come back later to finish it.


Bill B said...

Most Excellent video. That was a brilliant approach using great logic to upset the literal interpretation of the Genesis account of creation.

I would highly recommend this video.


shay said...

I really enjoyed watching your video but I think it should be on youtube and a link to it here becuz my computer had a hard time playing it and I couldn't see how long it was. Also are you the "aspirin99" from youtube?

Editor said...

Yes, I'm Aspirin99. I'll get it up on YouTube soon.

The reason you can't see how long it is on this site is a technical reason with Flash that I can also fix. I have to finish a few projects today. Perhaps early next week I'll address these items.

Valerie Tarico said...

Well done! Just seeing those horrific words scrolling by is powerful.

Especially impressive for 2 weeks. I tell you, I just saw the creationist movie Expelled (for research reasons), and I can tell you that there's not 4 million dollars worth of quality difference between your movie and theirs.

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