Your blasphemous mouths will be stopped!

Radical Preacher Takes on Ohio State Students

Crazy Christian dudes at University of Oregon


Unknown said...

Oh man... I couldn't watch the whole thing!
At first I thought, "hey, nice Santa-ish man, poor thing is just a bit deluded" but then he started talking and talking....

Screaming at random ppl is more than a little crazy, unless you are saying "CO2 is unstoppable!"

THE ACE said...

Running around screaming like an
idiot..I can't believe this was
what I was supposed to do in my
Christian days. Luckily, my
common sense came through before I
did such a thing. Every time I think Christians can't get more insane than they already are, I am
proven wrong.

These incidents happened on the
campuses of Ohio State and Oregon
State Universities. I guess I'm in a mean mood this morning, but I dearly wish some members of each school's football team would have
come out and beat these loud-mouthed freaks to a bloody pulp.
And kudos to the students for standing up to them.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember Michael Peter Woroniecki and what he did to Andrea Yates?

Unknown said...

Aw man. I just feel bad for that first man because he is passionate about this subject but obviously has only listened to his preacher. If he were to read the bible, he could see the fallacies in his arguments, especially the homosexual one and channel his passion into something productive. Or maybe he is just a bigot.....

eris.discordia said...

How many of you are just too busy working, taking care of your families, helping your fellow humans, reading, learning and being an honest, good citizen of the world to have time for such insane bullshit?

Yeah, me too! I couldn't watch them all the way through because they are pitiful! This is what happens when the ignorant sheeple have too much time on their hands!

Like some of you, I never did anything that stupid when I was a Christian. It takes a special kind of obnoxious, self-righteous, moron to do such things. I am thankful that I was too busy being a responsible parent, working for a living, and volunteering!

Anonymous said...

The mistake the audience this zealot is speaking to has made is they reply to his tirade. When they do that they feed his sickness that thinks contrary attitudes toward his message is proof he's speaking to those that desperately need him to save them through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The next time one of these Christo-zealots approaches a crowd of people like this the best way to shut him/her up is to follow a few simple steps.

Everyone he's speaking to joins together and circles him so that he's standing in the middle of the whole audience he thought he'd approach, as they stand shoulder to shoulder with their backs to him. And then the rest is rather simple. Say nothing! No matter what he says say nothing.

After awhile the zealot will leave. Frustrated because they didn't get a rise out of anyone and so their message meant nothing and went nowhere.

Idiots like that are seeking attention and approval,even in dissent, that they're the only one's that know the truth and that's why people object verbally to hearing it.
But say not a word, and turn your backs on them and their screaming zealot message, and they're dis-empowered.
Works like a charm! Personal experience speaking there. ;) It's a very satisfying feeling to watch a zealot stomp off hanging his head because he didn't succeed in getting anyone to feed his need to feel superior to

AtheistToothFairy said...

Watching this video reminded me of another popular dire warning I was once taught.
A warning that I'm sure, was just as valid as what this bible man is preaching.

"How do you know that the sky is falling, Chicken Little?" asked Henny Penny

ATF (Who wonders if "Chicken Little" also wrote some of the bible to?)

Unknown said...

You know, now that I think of it, I've never heard one of those college preachers ever say, "Y'all gotta give more money to the poor! That's what the Bible says! You gotta help out those who have the least!" Instead, I just hear "Fags are going to Hell!...And if you don't believe, you're going to Hell!" What a fine message they bring...

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