The noble position of atheism

A short rant by Bob Patterson

For reasons not easily understood, humans seem to have a basic need to want to believe that an invisible, omnipotent and omniscient deity -- one that is entirely responsible for everything and that demands our unquestioning devotion, obedience and respect for everything good that happens -- is watching over us.

This same deity, however, vehemently denies any responsibility whatsoever for those things which are bad, undesirable, or painful.

It's the ultimate and most divine "cop out" that humanity has ever documented!

To sum it up simply: God gets all the credit for that which is good, but takes none of the responsibility for that which is bad.

This is all somehow justified by the doctrine of "original sin" -- an unpaid debt that was caused when Eve ate a forbidden cumquat from the "tree of knowledge" and was suddenly made smarter. This episode pissed off the big guy in the sky, who obviously wished women to remain ignorant. (Makes you think of the Catholic church, doesn't it?) This forbidden act stuck all future humanity with a debt we can't possibly repay.



God expects you to follow the particular cult you believe to be the "correct" one to the exclusion of all the other "wrong" cults.

I know making this determination is most difficult, since the "big guy in the sky" is so elusive, but that's the challenge, isn't it?

Send 10% of your income to some long haired TV "preechur" so he can buy another mansion or give to the Catholic church to pay for the pedophilic priests who "diddle" little boys.

Can there possibly be a more noble or honest position than atheism?

I eagerly await the hateful responses from the so called "loving believers" who would gladly condemn me to an eternity of burning in hell for such blasphemy.


Unknown said...

No one writes them better than Bob. I never tire of reading his rants.

Free Thinker said...

Love your rant, Bob! (applause)

Anonymous said...


The fact that eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge is considered sin shows us the nature of mind control in Christianity. Knowledge is sin???

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that one is supposed to come the kingdom of God as a child. I take that as an admission that rational reasoning adults would see right through the nonsense and not help out with the expenses (and profits) of the kingdom.

See Mark 10:15: "Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it."

Likewise, see Matthew 18:3 and Luke 18:17 who obviously copied from Mark.

Unknown said...

Don't forget all the contradictive points in the so-called Genesis account.

God said "you will surely die". He lied

Serpent said "you will see as the gods see". Told the truth.

and...god told them not to eat the fruit from the tree because they would know good and evil then. god said as if they knew right from wrong. its like punishing a 2 month old baby when it knows nothing.

god asked adam where he was and and what he was doing, while not knowing what had transpired before it happened or while it happened.

How did Adam and eve ever see god, when no one can look at him.

Adam named millions of animals? How long would that take?

We are responsible for their wrong doing that they were ignorant to?

Logic and justice are seriously lacking. Contradiction after contradiction. Its immoral to accept the bible and bible-god on faith. Having no responsibility is unethical. I wonder if the xtians think the contradictions are a test.

Within religions, they all believe differently and within every church, every believer believes differently. No two believers believe alike.

But, I digress, there is no debate. We have fossils!

For fun,

Here is what Non-PC imaginary Jebus would say to an imaginary believer:
"Congrates my faithful servant slave. You believed everything that man said and wrote in a book thousands of years old without you seeing it and ever really reading it, while quoting what just felt good or what you heard in church. It was all contractive with the mean god and loving jebus. We are unchanging, but had to change it up all the time to test your faith. We really tested your faith with the whole pediphile priest (PeePee). And thanks to you for not really questioning anything at all. All the other religions were wrong and you were right all along. You really did great with the whole fish on your car thing and what would jesus do. We got so many new members to the religion because of that. Your ten percent really helped with pimping my ride and a makeover on the many mansions. I want to really thank you for scaring people with hell to get them to our side. I really loved the way you shoved your beliefs down peoples throats. That was really noble and courageous of you. You could of been martyred any time by an athiest. Those damn thinkers. I also liked how you went to church every sunday, put on that fake smile, and played the holier than thou complex. I liked how you demonized the people who divorced, did bad in public, and fornicated, while you were able to keep your sin under wraps at home. It was great how you said people who got caught doing bad were not really christians, while still hiding your own skeletons. It was great how you bashed gays, while hiding your bigotry and racism. It beyond reproach how you managed to fight for your rights of jebus, while telling others they could not have any rights. I remember when you voted and picked a republican or democrate side. Good thing you didn't go by religious values because they all where closet athiests. I love how you stood up for anti-abortion and then just went on with your life without a second thought of how the newborn was doing in life. That is truly caring. It was nice when you hated your non-believing relatives as the bible says. You are awesome! I can't get over it. God bless American (only)! I am so glad you were born in america, because if you were born in the Middle East, you would be muslim. Good thing you followed your parent's religion and stayed away from any knowledge of any other religion. I am so glad you joined the only truest church on earth. Gotta love us mormons."

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