Deliver Us From Evil

Deliver Us From Evil (2006) is the story of Father Oliver O'Grady, the most notorious pedophile in the history of the modern Catholic Church.


Anonymous said...

THAT is scary

Nvrgoingbk said...

When I was a Christian, I avoided using the word "hate", but I HATE these sick bastards!

I used to be too afraid to judge, but I am finding more and more that there are people who lack the gene that makes the rest of us human. There are some people that are inherently more evil than the rest of us and roam the streets, the churches, the schools, etc. for victims like rabid dogs foaming at the mouth. These men who use the faith and trust of innocent children for their own sick means should be exiled to an island with their recently amputated penises in their hands.

It is because of men like this that I would like to believe in Hell. It is because of men like this that I would like to believe in a God of justice that will make these men pay for what they've done, but alas, there is no bearded sky daddy and even if there was, he'd have far more important things to be doing like torturing billions of people in a fiery pit simply for the sin of unbelief.

Anonymous said...

This is great for our cause, I hope alot of people get to see this and maybe some will begin to open their eyes as well as their minds.
The church ruins more lifes then it helps.

Anonymous said...

You know... sometimes anger is just easier. Because quite frankly I kind of want to cry.

A hundred thousand kids. And the Pope, supposedly the person in charge of managing God´s affairs on Earth, turning a blind eye.

I am not a Christian, but I used to be. I can have an inkling of the feeling of utter betrayal.

We are angry at the priests, the bishops, the cardinals and the Pope. Is there one among them that is not guilty of at least ignoring the truth?

But a lot of the victims will be asking themselves "God, where are you?" And that´s going to hurt a lot.

Sometimes it´s hard to not be able to pray to a higher power, because this kind of problem is so enormous that no earthly authority can ever truly clean it up.

God damn those priests.
God damn their bishops.
God damn the Pope.
May they all burn in Hell forever.

If only.

Anonymous said...

Never leave your child alone with anyone who claims to have superior connection with God or what lies outside of observed reality. These priests hold the insane notion that they can violate whomever they want, have the sin forgiven, and live life eternal as somebody special to God ("many are called, but few are chosen.") The Catholic Church teaches that the Pope will never have to face the final judgement. Well, it's a good thing for him. I do despise these men, hate everything they stand for, and I'd enjoy seeing any of them slide under a gas truck and go up in flames on the evening news.

Anonymous said...

Hating people is easy. Sometimes too easy.

OK some people are bad, but what about an organization that preaches good and then goes out of its way to hide the fact and put the bad person right back in a position to hurt more people. ?????

Maybe the organization and its beliefs are the real reason for the problem.

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