An eye on disbelief

"No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered as patriots. This is one nation under God." - George W. Bush

A recent survey conducted by the University of Minnesota shows that atheists are the least trusted group in today's society. The survey was conducted by phone - which helps to eliminate the pressure for specific answers unlike face-to-face surveys - to 2,000 households. Atheists were rated below Muslims, homosexuals, recent immigrants and other groups as "sharing their vision of American society."

It seems that there is an understandable, although ignorant, fear of atheists that has caused a great prejudice to arise in American families. Could it be that we associate religion with being a good citizen? It's a well-known fact that we, as humans, fear the unknown, but to lower atheists below groups that we may have reasons to fear (not that any prejudices are justified) is a disgusting reality.

With only 3 percent of the United States being openly atheists, it's hard to understand why they are feared more than others. Perhaps the most surprising aspect is that Muslims still managed to be more accepted than atheists.

What is the difference between believing in a God that Christians do not and not believing in one at all? Is it that atheists don't have morals because of their lack of religion? It seems that a religion that is often misconstrued by some of its followers, leading them to believe killing or committing suicide in the name of their deity, is a bit more threatening than no religion at all. Still, we fear what we do not understand and it seems that the only way we could free ourselves from this fear is to familiarize ourselves with what we do not understand.

Atheism does not support worship of Satan, which seems to be a common misconception. Atheists do not believe in Satan just as they do not believe in God, angels, demons, heaven or hell.

They are a minority of people who are willing to admit that fictional tales crammed full of morals and life lessons are only that; fictional tales. They acknowledge the fact that many religions have preceded Christianity such as Judaism (2086 B.C.), Hinduism (1500 B.C.), Buddhism (560 B.C.), Taoism (550 B.C.), and Jainism (599 B.C.). Atheists believe that Christianity is but an extension in beliefs already established. They have morals, standards and follow laws like everyone else. They only lack the security blanket with which so many believers tuck themselves in at night.

Still, what does fail to make sense when addressing the United States' stand on religion are the results to surveys which not only ask of belief in God but in other things as well. One survey asked Americans if they believed in life after death and nearly 80 percent said yes. Yet, 86 percent believe in a heaven but only 76 percent believe in a place similar to hell. Out of these people, 60 percent attend church once a month or more and around 75 percent believe in miracles. It's odd how these statistics don't exactly add up.

Shouldn't the statistical numbers for a belief in life after death, a belief in God, a belief in heaven and a belief in hell all be equal for those who categorize themselves as Christians? Or are we choosing to believe in what makes us feel better, such as a belief in heaven receiving 86 percent support while hell only receives 75 percent, and denying those things that make us uneasy?

I am not targeting Christians, but instead Americans with minds far too closed for the current year in which we live. We are the country of contradictions, materialism and the prime manifestation of seeing what we wish and shielding our eyes to what we fear. Someone recently told me that the only thing we could all agree on was materialism in the sense of what we can touch and see. We must be able to relate directly or we refuse to comprehend.

For instance, our society has inaccurately construed an idea of what Jesus', believed to be the son of God, physical appearance may have been. He is the epitome of beauty, the perfect male, long flowing hair and the ideal build. He is not the short, possibly heavier, dark-skinned man with a shaven head that he really would have been.

Perhaps things like these are meaningless but they still give people the opportunity to feel comfortable in faulty beliefs, so comfortable and secure that they create fear of those who don't share their ideas. No one should live their lives feeling constant hate and distrust, not even atheists.

The statistics show that this is more prominent in the United States since anywhere from 9 percent to 20 percent of countries such as France or Canada (full of atheists but still lacking the violence that America demonstrates yearly; with an average of 600 murders this past year compared to anywhere from 300 to 500 murders in Tennessee annually) admits to not believing in God.

No matter your religion, or lack thereof, it is apparent that America is a country in which being a Christian can guarantee more friendship and warm welcome. It is obvious that atheists are no more a threat than any Christian you may encounter on the street and are no more inclined to threaten rape or commit murder.

With statistics as inconsistent as they seem to be in America, it's hard to believe that there aren't more atheists; ones too afraid to confess.

Faith is important, whether in a God or in ourselves. What is not important, or acceptable, is demonstrating prejudice and unjustified fear against a person, or persons, with whom you fail to agree.

No one, not even the president, who makes his beliefs so clear, no matter how idiotic, has the right to discriminate. So, by standing strong, being true to our beliefs to the fullest degree, no matter what they may be, and opening ourselves up we can make changes that have been due for a very long time, begin to understand one another and eliminate one of the greatest fears of all: a fear of the unknown.



Anonymous said...

A look in the Mirror....

I ask you my friend would you consider yourself to be a good person?

Do you think you've kept the Ten Comandments?

Well lets try a few and see how you do? Ok?

Have you ever told a lie?

Be honest with yourself...

And what does that make you??

It starts with an "L"...

Have you ever stolen anything? The value isn't relavent...

And what does that make you?

Ok and heres the one that got me...
It says in the Bible you shall not committ adultry. But Jesus said if any one looks with lust he has already committed adultry with Him/Her in his heart. Have you ever done that? Looked with lust?

Ok and just one more for good measure...

Have you ever used the Lords name in vain?

If so then you've taken Gods Holy name and used it as a curse word to discribe disgust. The God that gave you life and has blessed you with your family and friends and money.

Ok so if you answered honestly and that's all I ask....

By YOUR own admission your a lying,thief, an adulterer at heart and a blasphemer of God...

On judgement day when you stand before God and His throne...
Will you be innocent or guilty of breaking his ten Comandments?
Which is the standard He will Judge you by...

So do you think you'll go to heaven or hell?

If you say heaven, then why? Because God is a good and loving God? Or because you dont believe in Him?

First if you were in a courtroom today before a judge and you had committed a crime and you knew you were guilty, you were caught red handed. And the judge was about to pass sentence on you. And he asked you if you had anything to say for yourslef. And you got up and said "yeah judge I know your a good judge and I'm really sorry for what I've done can you forgive me and let me go?" Will that judge let you go if he's a good judge? Ofcourse not, if he's a good judge he'll have to give you your sentence or they'd through him off the bench for letting people go for such a thing. And God's the same way...he must punish sin.

Now if you don't believe in Him, that doesn't change the fact of being before the throne. If I say I don't believe in gravity and walk off a ten story building I'm still going to fall and us believing in God does not make Him exsist. God exsists with out us as He did before us and will exsist after the first heaven and the first earth pass away. Eternally.

Now knowing that you've broken the law...Gods' Law... and unfortanaitly the punishment for breaking Gods' Law when it's all said and done is being thrown into the Lake of Fire.
I don't like this fact of a second death but it's a reality and you may ask how I know that? It's because God said when He made us that His law was written on all men and womens hearts. Those questions I asked you... Are to show you that. It's called your conscience. We all have one and even though some of us have shut it off. It's there, it's real and like a smoke detector in your home if you remove the batteries it doesn't warn you of a fire. Same with your conscince when you shut it off, it stops warning you of the Lake of fire. I only took the time to write this cause I care about you...Mabey no one's putit to you like this before and you need to turn your conscience back on like it was when you were a child and remember the first time you lied or stole something. God remembers that. Every thought every deed God has seen.

Do you know what God did so you won't have to be thrown into the lake of fire?

If you said He died for me your right. Thats what it all boils down to....the whole bible is the story of Jesus paying the fine for the world that chose to disobey the Ten Comandments.... Through one man sin enterded the world and through one man sin was atoned for.
That sin which many have lost sight of, is breaking the ten comandments.

So now that you've taken the time to read this and I really appreciate that you have....

I leave it to God to do the rest....

Please repent(turn away from sin) and ask God to forgive you and completly wash you of all your filth and fleshly stuff. Give your life to Him and He will deliver you from the wrath to come....

Thank once again and I wish I could do more to show Gods' Love for you in a practical way...

Dontpissofftheteapot said...

Nice anonymous cut-and-paste posting of a chain email whose sole purpose is to support spammers (most of whom peddle porn, online gambling and off-shore pahramcies.) Way to go.

Incidentally, I hope grammatical accuracy isn't a prerequisite for entering heaven, because you, my friend, would be screwed.

Anonymous said...

A fundy silly person has commented. Lets go to your babble,---none of the ten commandments say do not lie so your first statement is crap. After that your whole logic is that we are immoral and have no escape clause like you christians who can lust, bust and not trust and still get to heaven.Piss off and learn to spell and then learn to think.

Anonymous said...

It seems that there is an understandable, although ignorant, fear of atheists.

How is a fear of atheist understandable? Stupid is more like it. I mean, look at all the stories about atheists murdering and plundering and raping for our beliefs!

Anonymous said...

The USA saddens me more every day.


It´s the same asshole fundie! He´s posted on more than one thread. And he or she is too cowardous to sign, thus, strangely enough, denying Christ. Not openly confessing, but stabbing in the dark, like a ninja.

Roger O'Donnell said...

Looking at our first commenter's post...

Basically, IIRC taking the Lord's name in vain (no 3) is above murder (No 6)... So I suppose that they'd like it as a death penalty offence.

Lying (bearing false witness) is number 9

So lets look at the 'Death Penalty' Clauses above Murder

1)No gods before me (don't worship other Gods, Well, Atheist have a get out of jail free card there! They don't worship other Gods... in fact they worship one less than Christians, which isn't covered.

2)Idolitary. Again Atheists don't have God's so they can't make Icons, unlike Christian churches which over flow with the damned things (40 foot Christs by artificial lakes, fer crying out loud!!!)

3) Blaspheming. Taking the Lord's name in vain, etc... We all belong on death row for that!

4) Keep the Sabbath. Well, I worship at the altar of B&Q so I'm on death row with that one.

5)Honour your parents. Well, most of us will have at least a 15 to life type sentence for that one, if not the death penalty.

6)No murdering. Well, I'm clean on that. So are most atheists...
After that we're on misdemeanour charges...

Love and hug
Grandpa Harley!

Anonymous said...

Fundies are just yellow belly cowards,...I know, because I was one for 20 years!
Why don't you come out of the closet you scared little christian drone?

Roger O'Donnell said...

Because it's nice in Narnia ;)


Anonymous said...

Isn't it irritating to see Peter's sophomoric essay plastered all over the place? It seems to be in every thread. He no doubt thinks it's quite special. Since Peter left no email address, I took the liberty of leaving him a note oh his blog, where his prize-winning essay appears. This is the link. I'm not suggesting that Peter's rude behavior be dealt with in a like manner; I provide the link here simply for those who might be curious. This is the message that I left for Peter:

Hello Peter,

I noticed that you posted your little essay about a dozen times at You left no other way to contact you, so I'm hoping this method reaches you. On behalf of the other posters at, I'd like to politely ask that you refrain from cutting and pasting your essay into the comments section of all the threads; doing so is actually a form of spamming, and it's not very polite. This is particularly so when you don't seem to have any interest in responding to comments and questions from the other posters; i.e. you are using the threads to advertise your ideology rather than participating in discussion, which is what the site is for.

I will not leave any comments that directly relate to your essay here. If you have any interest in hearing other points of view, you can read the comments that people have left you at, or better yet, you might read some of the testimonies, debates, and essays that you will find there. Maybe you would even like to participate. Have a good day.

Jim Arvo

If Peter does not honor this request, then a more strongly-worded rebuke may be necessary. But let's see if he gets the message and shows some integrity.

boomSLANG said...

Peter said: "p.s. i did take the time to write it and thank you for reading it its not my job to prove anything to you. Just to show you. God bless you all and i hope you continue to live for God!!!!"

Peter?...what do you mean "continue" to live for God??? WHAT god?....we don't BELIEVE in your pretend Jebus...isn't that why you're here spamming in the first place?

Fight fables with more fables!!!

Now everbody sing!!!!!!

Ooooh here comes Peter spammin'tail,
hopping down the fundy trail,
hippity-hoppity Jebus is on his waaaaay

Bringin' e'vry girl and boy,
a basket full of lies and ploys,
Things to make existance

He's got judgement day for Tommy
Threats for sister Sue,
A bible for your Mommy
And a sermon toooo!

Ooooh, here comes Peter spammin'tail,
hopping down the fundy trail,
hippity-hoppity happy Jebus daaaay!

Get lost, shit-for-brains!

Peter said...

Ok I'll abide to the spamming rule i just wanted to make sure everyone here at anti got the message. It's amazing how childish some of you can be.

Steven Bently said...

What is an Atheist?

An Atheist, is a loving caring rational thinking Human Being, that is concerned with the well being of his/her fellow man/woman.

Every person that is born, is born an Atheist and non-believer.

Most Atheists, do not support nor condone lying, cheating, stealing, adultery, wars, hatred of others, nor harm to another human being and believe in upholding the laws of the land.

Atheists, do not believe that you can commit a crime and then ask an imaginary god to forgive you.

Atheists, agree with most of the Ten Commandments, although they do not believe that they were inspired by nor written by an imaginary god, and believe that anyone living in that day, could have just as easily wrote the Ten Commandments.

An Atheist, does not claim to be an Atheist, just to be opposed to the Bible God, as Christians would have people to believe.

Atheist’s, do not believe in invisible beings or invisible gods, or bible gods or mythological gods, nor man made gods, nor imaginary entities.

An Atheist, does not prescribe to religious creeds nor covenants, nor the ancient teachings handed down from the Bronze Age and from generation to generation.

Every person is in fact an Atheist, if you do not believe in Thor, Orrises, Sol, Buddha, Allah,, etc, then you are an Atheist to those gods.

Most Atheists, live by strict moral standards, weighed by his/her own conscious of right and wrong,in most cases Atheists’ morals rise well above those that claim to be initiated into a spiritual righteousness or one that claims to be a Christian.

An Atheist, does not hate any god, because they do not believe you can hate something that is not real or does not exist.

An Atheist, does not believe in ghosts, holy spirits, souls, miracles, faith, oracles, visions, dreams, divine inspiration, witches, prayer, speaking in tongues, virgin births, baptism, heaven, hell, angels, gods, imaginary beings, superstitions, devils, demons, spooks, etc.

An Atheist, does not claim a religious title to proclaim their own righteousness.

An Atheist, does not believe what a man wrote down in books over
2000 years ago, by mentally deranged goat herders to be the inspired word of a god.

An Atheist, has never crucified another human being.

An Atheist, has never started a religious war.

Adolf Hitler was not an atheist, he was a Christian, claiming to be doing the will of the Bible god, by killing Jews.

The American Indians were Atheists, before 1492, there was not one single Bible or church on American soil, and most of them were killed in the name of the Bible God and Jesus.

Ref. go to:

A Christians false perception of Atheists.

They have been told by preachers that Atheist’s are against the Bible god and that Atheist’s want to kill and destroy the Christians Bible God.

This simply is not true, this is a lie that is spread by preachers to keep Christians loyal and not to question the Biblical teachings for their cause, and to keep their cash flow from leaving them.

Christian preachers say that Atheists should be killed, does this sound like something that would draw anyone nearer to the Christian faith, it sounds like pure hatred to me.

Jesus’s supposedly mission, was not to start a new religion, nor to spew self-righteous hatred towards others that do not believe as them, but this is exactly what is being taught on the radio and in churches around world today.

Preachers say that Atheists are demon possessed and are from the devil and they think that Atheist wear red suits have horns and a pointed tails and kill babies, and do evil in the world and are often wrongly accused of being a communist.

This is far from the truth, when you hear someone say such things, you should immediately start to question the sanity of the person spewing such ridiculous filth and nonsense.

I challenge anyone to go to their local mall or any public place and make a list of who is a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, Buddhist, etc, just by looking at them their faces, then you’ll have to say you cannot tell by just looking at them, neither can anyone else.

And please do not say that god can tell just by searching someone’s heart, because this is another lie perpetrated by the people that thought that the heart was the center of all though and emotions, over 2000 years ago, surely the Bible God would have known that the Brain and not the Heart, is the center of all thought and emotions, but you’ve been falsely told that the heart, thinks, speaks, hears and receives secret messages from an imaginary god.

Christians have a false belief that by believing in Jesus and a God that this somehow makes them spiritually superior than others, that do not believe as they do.

Christians think that they are in some way better than those that do not believe in the biblical myths, they feel like they are above Atheists, just because of a silly belief brought over here by Christopher Columbus.

Anonymous said...

It looks like atheism is going through what paganism has been dealing with for centuries. Hang in there, because I've recently noticed that SOME xtians have actually gotten the message that pagans don't worship Satan (they don't believe in Satan OR hell, for that matter) or sacrifice babies in blood rituals or cast wicked spells on people to make them fall in love with us. Ick.

* Some of us DO, however, have rituals outdoors naked, weather permitting ;) and there is a reason why Beltane is listed 4 times in the "Top Ten Reasons to Date a Pagan Girl" list!*

So, keep on repeating what you're REALLY about (which I'm always glad to help with!) and don't give up! Hopefully, it won't take centuries...

Anonymous said...

Actually, thinking about it, atheists have been dealing with these issues for centuries, too. Didn't mean to play one-upsmanship in the persecution contest!

I think the similarity lies in the fact that both groups are tired of being low-key, or even secret in their beliefs because of the silly, knee-jerk reactions they get from 'mainstream' xtians. We won't be pushed back into the shadows just because we make fundies uncomforable anymore. We're tired of listening to them lie about us.

But you see, they have to demonize and marginalize what's different because if it becomes known that people like homosexuals, atheists and pagans live happy, well-adjusted and yes, PRODUCTIVE lives, then it breaks their myth that we are all miserable and want everyone else to be miserable, too. The xtians aren't so very special anymore and that's just intolerable to them.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe anyone actually uses that 10C's junk to try to evangelize! Isn't that Kirk Camerons method? Even the Christan's I know think it's a joke!!

Roger O'Donnell said...


" Ok I'll abide to the spamming rule i just wanted to make sure everyone here at anti got the message. It's amazing how childish some of you can be."

Who was childish? The ones who think you're a cone headed spammer, or the one who can't get the name of the site right?

It's '' you prosletysing non-entity!

Love, hugs and kisses on the bottom,

Grandpa Harley xxx

Anonymous said...

Peter, you are the one who has been both childish and rude, not be mention astonishingly naive. If you've got something intelligent to say, nobody's stopping you. But let me ask you this: Have you taken the time to even read much of what is posted here? It doesn't appear to me that you have. If you had, you'd realize that we've all heard your "message" a million times, and many of us have a deeper and broader understanding of your theology than you appear to. We disagree with you, Peter. We've reach different conclusions than you. Accept it. Bye now.

boomSLANG said...

Peter: "It's amazing how childish some of you can be."

Pete, I made a childish mockery of your apologetic spamming intentionally. What's "amazing", is that you apparently can't see that the religious cut-n-paste "my Ghost is gonna getcha" crap that you've been bombarding this EX-christian website with, is just as childish as "Peter Cotton-tail".

Pete......ghosts, devils, gods, spirits, pearly gates, winged's ALL "childish", dude.

Get real....or get lost.

Anonymous said...

Stanley: "Every person is in fact an Atheist, if you do not believe in Thor, Orrises, Sol, Buddha, Allah,, etc, then you are an Atheist to those gods."

- I just thought I would note that Buddha isn't a god. He was more of a teacher of . Its also why there's alot of atheists who practice buddhism as there is no god. In fact anyone/everyone could be buddha.

Definition: In Buddhism, a Buddha (Sanskrit, P?li) is any being who has become fully awakened (enlightened), has permanently overcome greed, hate, and ignorance, and has achieved complete liberation from suffering.

Steven Bently said...

Thanks for the advice! Maybe we should all strive to be a Buddhist, I'm not sure that goal can be 100%obtained, sure sounds good tho, but we can always try. I wasn't sure many people read what I write, thanks for sharing that information and reading my comments, hopefully you and others will agree with the rest of my comment, as I continue to strive to be a Buddhist. TC

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