Dear Jesus

Jesse James is a punk band from London, England. They formed in 2000 and have since toured the UK, Europe and Canada. Their first release, the Shoes EP was a hit on the UK, due to repeated TV play of the video for the song 'Shoes'. Later releases include the Hotwired EP, Punk Soul Brothers LP, and the Mission LP, recorded in San Francisco with the infamous NOFX producer Ryan Greene. The video for the song Dear Jesus, released in 2005, was banned from UK TV. They released their latest album, titled The Assassination of..., in May 2006.


(Hi this is Jesus
I can't get to the phone right now
But if you leave a message after the tone
I'll get right back to you)


Dear Jesus
I don't believe in you no more
Dear Jesus
I think you should know the score
I never met you
Cos you lived a long long time ago
Not to upset you
But there's not a lot to know

Born in a stable
Is the story we were told
He had a beard
And you wore a lot of shitty clothes

He walked on water then you held a kickin' party on the beach
And the people gathered round to watch you talk and hail and preach
But the bunch of pretty fishers turnin' water into wine
Sure I'd be a true believer if I'd been there at the time

Dear Jesus
I aint buyin' all this shit
Dear Jesus
I dont want no part of it
Don't know what you had in mind, but I'm sure it wasn't this
I met a couple of cool Christians, but the Rev's just take the piss
They it's awful to be gay, cos there aint no family
And they made you give them money when you see them on TV

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Jesus!
Looks like we're gona hafta throw things down the old school way!
What my mum said, Bring it on!

Dear Jesus, el Presidente
Declared war on them today
He read the Bible, evidently
And your Dad says it's ok

Like this guy lives on my block
He's such an asshole to my mom
And he flips off all the Muslims
Like their doin' somethin' wrong
I know plenty other dicks like that
But this just makes it worse
He thinks he is so much better
Just because he goes to church

Dear Jesus
Dear Jesus

If you come back just like you said you would
I know that we could chill
But these days we need some evidence
To show that your for real

Dear Jesus
Dear Jesus
Dear Jesus

I hope you got my message when your back if you can
If you even leave tonight, it's means I'm your number one fan

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SpaceMonk said...

That was cool, but I didn't catch what they were saying in their crusade bit.

Anonymous said...

Dude, that was so awesome i wanna happy-slap the pope.

Happy-Slap, Adj; 1. To strike a person without warning, seemingly for no reason, then run off leaving them bewildered (and bleeding from the ears)

Anonymous said...

Wow having bad teeth really makes the English suck at singing. Sure, the message was interesting but that just sucked by musical standards all over.

~The Music Man~

Anonymous said...

Haha when the Muslims take over Europe they are going to be the first to die.

-Some French Kid

Anonymous said...

I liked it. and the clip was funny.

And if you think the Muslims are going to take over Europe: they tried before. It didn´t work then.

It´s why people eat croissants.

Anonymous said...

That video ROCKS! Praze the Lard! Glory!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for YouTube (I hope Google doesn't wreck it!) as a great way to squeak around censorship!

Great song, great video!

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