Can a god exist?

By Bob P

For a god to exist, He (She, it?) must possess intelligence. I believe the faithful would agree. Let's take a look... Again, as usual, Occams Razor is the standard.

Intelligence, as we know it, exists in (most) humans, and perhaps in some animals. Intelligence here will be defined generally as awareness, observation, understanding, acceptance/reconsidering, and a memory.

There are additionally four basic conditions for intelligence to exist as we know it. Anything beyond these conditions can only be in the imagination of someone desiring it.

1: Location: Intelligence has only been observed on the earth. At no time or place has any intelligence been observed, elsewhere. Intelligent life may and probably does exist elsewhere in the universe, but we have yet to observe it.

2: Matter: Intelligence requires matter. There has never been any intelligence observed except in matter. There is no observation of intelligence in a vacuum.

3: Life: Intelligence requires life. There is no documented evidence that supports intelligence without life. (No, your computer doesn't count)

4: Communication: Intelligence must possess communication to relate this intelligence. Rumors to the contrary are undocumented.

If the imagined God of the universe lacks matter, life, location and communication, then intelligence becomes a moot point. No claim to the contrary has ever been observed or documented by any credible observer.


God is the result of man's fertile imagination and need for control. Creating a deity is useful to this end. Does this 'prove' that god does not exist? No, it does not, it's illogical to 'disprove' anything especially anything as vaguely defined as god. There is no good consensuses on what god is anyway. Having a deeply devout belief in something this vague can only be the result of having been brainwashed as children.

Why do I care, anyway? Because it's 'payback' time for the religion that was stuffed into me as a helpless child. Perhaps I can 'save' others from this most ridiculous form of mind control misrepresented as something desirable. Religion is a form of child abuse in that it prevents or at least cripples the ability of children to ask intelligent questions. Religious intolerance is not only child abuse, it's abuse at any age.

The modern world should divorce itself from all forms of superstition, especially religion. I'm not sure that can ever happen, given how superstitious mankind is, but imagine a world of humanitarians who do not require a reward or a punishment to be humanitarians. It would be a time when atheism would enjoy the rightful and honorable position it so richly deserves.

Bob P Kansas City

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