I'm an agnostic because I'm lazy

By Dano

I have boiled my theology down to one sentence: NO ONE KNOWS WHAT GOD IS.

So,my answer to most questions about God is "I DON'T KNOW AND NEITHER DOES ANYONE ELSE."

I don't exclude the possibility of a supreme intelligent force behind the creation of the universe, but I see no evidence that it cares one way or another what I do or think, or that it ever interferes with the course of my life.

UNLESS, it made me in such a way that I would care, which of course it did.

I know a lot more about what I don't believe though.

I don't believe in the Christian God, because I could never believe in a God that got his shorts all in a knot about what I believed. If he didn't like the way I believe, he, being omniscient, could have made me to believe differently when he made me. And, being omnipotent, he could reorganize the neurons in my brain any time he wanted to.

This pretty much makes the Bible nothing but a book about mythology for me, which I find to be extremely boring.


And as far as there being a God that is omni-benevolent, all we have to do is see the world as it really is to answer that one.

Why should the creator create a system of evolution wherein the biggest, strongest, meanest, and smartest survive and get to do all of the reproducing, and let this system of natural selection go on for four billion years without intervening, and then suddenly give a shit about one species of ape, and what it thinks?

Really now, "I made you so you must love me or I'll French-fry you forever and make it hurt as much as I can." Don't sound like a lot of benevolence there!

Methinks it's the smart ape that cares about himself and created God in his own image.

Anyway, I like my lazy man's religion. I really don't like to get into arguments about it when all I have to do is say "describe your God, define who he is, or what it is." And, of course, no one can do that, except me.

It is the force that made me, (maybe), and that's all I know about it

-- Dan, Agnostic

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