Atheist finds god! (But it's not what you think)

By Bob P

After having abandoned God for more than 55 years, I finally decided to take a new look, since God's followers are so adamantly convinced there is a god. Here are the results of my recent investigation:

1: Yes, there is one God, but it's been misrepresented, They should have said it's ONE God per person, not just one god for everybody. (more later)

2: God in the sky? No! not at all, again we have been mislead. There is no such thing as 'up' in the universe. God is as unique as every person who claims to have one. Every culture throughout history has created a different god

3: Where does the name 'GOD' come from? Who is God? Good question, G.O.D. is merely an acronym meaning 'Gremlin Of Detention' .....You ask, what does that mean? It means that if you allow a god (any god) to detain your mind, you are a prisoner of a belief system! Why would a rational person shut down his (her) mind from all the possible answers for a simplistic monotheistic mythology? How could there be a Christian god that condones the stoning of bad children and women, condones slavery and murders everyone who manages to irritate his schizophrenic personality? Christianity is a verbal, not a literary religion. When asked if they have ever read the bible most claim to have read some of it, but when confronted with some of the bloody verses, many will deny it was from the bible or will merely give a blank stare. It's not surprising since reading it would promote atheism better than anything I could say.

4: So where is GOD? Good question, God is simply in the mind of every believer, there is no evidence to the contrary. No two gods are alike since he's a product of the individual mind. The many gods of the world are as different as fingerprints. There is absolutely NO evidence whatsoever that a central controlling puppeteer is pulling the strings of human behavior.

5: So is God good or bad? The answer is both, some God believers are responsible for great deeds and actions, while others are quite the opposite. The same is true for atheists. Neither religion nor atheism hold the key to morality. Man alone is his own keeper.

6: Is there any advantage to being a Christian? Yes, but it's here on earth, not in the hereafter. When looking for a job, it's always best to (claim to) be a Christian.

7: Is there any advantage to being an atheist? The only advantage I know is the satisfaction of being entirely honest with one's self, and one's dignity. Expect little else......Culture protects the common religion. (It's not nice to discuss religion and politics in company is a self serving protection scheme) Religionists have been told they are right for so long there is no argument that could ever dissuade their beliefs. Once a person believes that faith is stronger than logic, he is a victim of the Gremlin Of Detention.

Bob P, Kansas City

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