By dano

Tammy Faye Bakker Messner, got the last laugh. I saw her last night on the Larry King show and it was like staring death in the eye.

She has lung cancer that has spread fro her colon and weighs 65 pounds, but there she was, scary eye makeup and all, looking like a skeleton from one of those horror movies, with her husband, at her own request for her interview with Larry King.

Although she had difficulty talking, she was alert and cognizant of every thing Larry king asked her.

Tammy, although obviously under the influence of lots of morphine, for what she described as constant pain, sat there with a twisted smile and was generally upbeat in her demeanor.

After answering all of the generic questions from Larry. He asked her whether she was afraid to die, and she answered predictably, no. She has put herself in gods hands, and discussed her obvious impending death, unemotionally and with good humor.

Who would have believed that Tammy Faye would be sitting there on network TV, on what must be one of her last days on earth, demonstrating to the world, how Christianity works.

She was telling the world how she was absolutely sure that she was going straight to heaven.

I had a brush with death recently, and God or heaven never crossed my mind, but I must admit that to watch that goofy little woman, who had requested the interview, was disturbing, because she must have solidified the religious beliefs of at least a couple of million people, with her absolute assurance that she knew she was in gods hands, and she was eager to meet Billy Grahams wife in heaven, and a lot more of the great televangelists who have gone before her, to their great reward.

I consider myself to be one of the most skeptical people on earth, and hate the way the religious right is attempting to take us back to the dark ages, but I guarantee you, that no Agnostic or Atheist on earth would have the audacity, to even insinuate to that poor little woman that she was delusional about her beliefs.

People have been making fun of Tammy Faye for years, but in my opinion she got the last laugh.

Dan, Agnostic

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Anonymous said...

My reaction is, quite simply, that I don't care what she believes; if she wants to believe that she will be reborn as the Easter Bunny, who cares? It's when the theists start telling me how to believe that I get upset, or that I should not mind having to go along with religious rituals in a public setting. I'm tired of being treated like a second class citizen.

Kyan said...

"I wake up every morning and I wish I were dead, and so does Jim."
-Tammy Faye Bakker

Guess she gets her wish.

Jim Arvo said...

Hi Dano,

I did not see the Larry King interview you speak of, but I agree with your sentiment. In my opinion (and apparently yours also) there are some instances in which it would be downright cruel to challenge someone's beliefs. For some, religion provides solace during the darkest times, such as the aftermath of the the loss of a loved one, or even accepting one's own imminent death. While it is simply a socially acceptable form of denial (in my opinion), it's hard to justify tampering with it when someone is in great pain.

Good for Tammy. She has just what she needs to see her through to the end of her ordeal. Of course, I'd be remiss if I did not also mention that religion is not the only source of such comfort. For others (myself included), there is solace in recognizing that life is finite and that we can enjoy it while it lasts, with the help of our family and friends.

Anonymous said...

I watched her on ET, I was thinking to myself, what could be more comforting than having a blatant lie told to me just before the finale moments of my death.

Like, oh cheer up, what solace what comfort it is to know you'll soon be with Jesus, or soon you'll be surrounded by 72 virgins or we're praying for you, or you'll soon be with your dead relatives or you'll soon be up to your neck in flames and the stench of burning flesh.

What joy, what pleasure in knowing how a lie will comfort the dying.

Isn't lies and beliefs just wonderful?

Aspentroll said...

She'll scare the bejabbers out of god if she arrives looking like that. Even if she looks the way she used to look, she'll still scare the bejabbers out of god.

What's the name of the guy at heaven's gate that checks the
people in? Oh yeah, St. Peter. He's got his job cut out for him.

Anonymous said...

Jim Arvo, thank you for your kindness and your compassion towards humanity. In case you don't hear it often enough, may it be known that Jim Arvo is right, right, right. C

Anonymous said...

Well Tammy is dead now, I seriously doubt that she drew a sane breath, while she was living.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous =Goldie Jr.

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