Observations about Christianity

By Tuskin R

It could be simply stated that I have a brain, and a heart. Each of these organs are much more valuable than a soul, in my opinion.

I was raised in a strict pentecostal household for twenty years, terrified and spiritually repressed into believing that some "guy in the sky" was going to burn my six-year-old body to cinders if I didn't sacrifice my happiness for him.

My father told me once that he loved me, but that he loved GOD more. Good for him, I guess. I liked my imaginary friend a lot, too -- when I was three. That was the beginning of my fall from grace, I guess. Eventually, a series of irreconcilable paradoxes I'd found within the religion (both ethically and factually) helped me decide that Christianity was an utter lie built to control and destroy everything "human" that exists within the upright walking amazing animals. Here are some key things that may help you to turn away from Yahweh:

1. Christians tend to pick and choose what to believe from their unalterable text: for example, cross-dressing is obviously a sin (Deuteronomy), but eating pork isn't? There basically right beside each other!

MORAL: Christians make it up as they go along.

2. Lot is praised for trying to sacrifice his daughters to the sex crazed hordes of Sodom (who, to their credit, wouldn't accept them).

MORAL: God condones rape.

3. In Genesis, Satan actually tells the truth about the tree, while god says that Adam and Eve will drop dead if they eat the fruit that grows on it.

MORAL: God lies.

4. God tells Abraham to kill his son, Isaac, but then recants this in the nick of time. Did God lie again? I think so...

MORAL: God likes toying with people.

5. Jesus was actually sent for the "lost children of Israel (Jews)", not Gentiles. Remember the parable of the rich man and his son's wedding? Gentiles just happened to get lucky because Jews wouldn't accept Christ.

MORAL: You're not really worth saving.

6. If god loves everyone like a father loves his children, why would god burn them alive for eternity if they disobeyed him?

MORAL: God doesn't love you.

7. Why is there so much evidence which refutes creation? If God created the universe, why did he stuff our earth full of proof that he doesn't exist?

MORAL: God doesn't stand up to the effing facts.

8. If God knows everything, how can we possibly have free will?

MORAL: God wants us to be slaves to him.

9. This is the best one: Name any good thing that Christianity has done that even halfway compensates for the six thousand years (including the Old Testament) of torture, murder, discrimination, rape, destruction, infanticide, slavery, genocide, war and hatred it has created.

MORAL: Christianity is a worthless dung pile of fear mongering, idiotic, primitive and childish crap.

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