Deliver us from evil

If you haven't seen this film already, rent, borrow or buy this movie as soon as you can. This is an absolute MUST SEE -- WM

From Wikipedia:

Deliver Us from Evil (2006) is an Academy Award-nominated documentary film directed by Amy Berg which tells the true story of the pedophile Catholic priest Oliver O'Grady, who sexually abused potentially hundreds of children between the late 1970s and early 1990s. The film won the Best Documentary Award at the 2006 Los Angeles Film Festival. The title refers to a line in the Lord's Prayer, "Our Father."

The film chronicles O'Grady's years as a priest in Northern California, where he committed his crimes. After being convicted and serving seven years in prison, O'Grady was deported to Ireland, where Amy Berg interviewed him in 2005. O'Grady speaks candidly about his crimes. Additionally, the film presents trial documents, videotaped depositions, and interviews with activists, theologians, psychologists and lawyers which suggest that not only were Church officials aware of O'Grady's crimes, they actively took steps to conceal them.

The Irish Independent criticized Amy Berg for filming children in Ireland without their knowledge.

The film was very well received by critics, earning a rare 100% 'fresh' review from As of April 6, 2007, the film ranks 3rd on Rotten Tomatoes' list of the best reviewed movies of all time.

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