Before and After God

By Neal Stone

Before: Unhealthy and unattractive. Couldn't get a date to save my life.

After: In great health and married.

Before: Insecure and unsure of my future, career options and life.

After: Able to stand on my own, more secure in myself and have a great job and a great life.

Before: Never fit in and always was alone. Always sat alone in the break room.

After: Have plenty of friends and my co-workers like me.

Before: Frustrated with my life and the way it was going or not going.

After: happy as could be with my life.

Before: Depressed and unable to find God's will and my place in his will.

After: Happy go lucky me. Enjoying life and living by my will.

Before: Always guilty feeling and afraid.

After: Love life and filled with happiness. What's to be afraid of?

Before: Always asked God to show me the way and answer my problems.

After: Make my own way and solve problems as they come.

Before: Judgmental and critical of those who did not believe what I believed.

After: Guess who my best friends are? :)

Before: No talent and real skills.

After: Computer guru and can do the Rubik's Cube in less than 3 minutes. :)

Before: No personality at all. Just a robot.

After: People love my personality and my humor.

Before: Limited my learning to God only stuff. Stocked up on tons of books and Christian Living.

After: Can't get enough of science, computers and other books about the world we live in. As for the Christian books? Landfill or fireplace.

What it comes down to is my life is my choice. No preacher, God or anyone else has the right to tell me what it is going to be. I live life freely and no longer fear it!

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