An Open Letter to My Former Church Leaders

By Neal Stone

Dear Christian Leaders,

For 20 plus years I lived a miserable life. A life of dead end jobs that went nowhere, living with my parents well into my 30s, no seeking school or paid-for training programs unless they were Christ-based, because seeking a career was selfish and not a godly desire. Not seeking a mate or dating because I was to focus only on the Lord and he would provide if it was his will.

My life was a mess and quite lonely. But that was OK with you, because I was serving the Lord and that was all that mattered. You didn't care about my life being a dud just as long as I was serving Jesus.

For nearly a quarter of a century my life meant nothing and went nowhere because of the advice and guidance I got from you. I tried to find this will of God and was often left with no answers and no direction, empty. I really thought what you taught me was right and the truth and that you really knew what was right for me. So I continued to follow your advice and guidance and continued to waste my life on your ideals. I was even OK and often excited because I thought there was really a plan for my life. Little did I know it was your plan and not God's.

If I stopped for even a moment and questioned your advice or refused to follow it, I was hit with the ever famous “Don't you want to do the right thing?” speech followed by your condescending smirk in an attempt to make me feel guilty. Often it worked and I would continue on with your agenda.

I cried out for God nightly for a sign and a direction for my life. I asked you for direction and it was always “Serve the Lord... We have a opening in Sunday School.”

Once when I was unemployed, confused and uncertain about my life, you put your hand on my head and tried to get me to speak in tongues. What the f...???? What did that have to do with anything? Was this supposed to help me get a job or get direction in my life?

I spent my life with a heavy guilt. If I did something as simple as think of my own needs once in a while like going to school for something not Christian related. I spent my life alone and frustrated at my lack of peers to hang out with.

You nearly destroyed my life. Holding me back from the great potential that was there for me. All because of a personal agenda you called “God's Will”. In fact it was your will and ideals that I was following.

So to my former Christian leaders I saw this, FUCK YOU! Yes you heard me right. You feed on the young, naive and insecure because they are so easily molded to your ideals. How dare you! How dare you take such potential out of people just so you can see your own ideals and wishes played out and then call it God's Will.

How many people must sit and watch life go by because of you? How many families and lives destroyed because of you?

You stand there on your pulpits and actually admit to molding young minds to “God's Will.” How can you live with yourselves knowing what you are doing to these people?

I am so glad I woke up to the truth of what you are doing. Count me as one less under your thumb. I am free of you. I was once one of your servants and now am your mortal enemy. Fear me, as I know what you are, what you teach and your tactics. I know you well. Fear me as I will make it my personal mission to share real freedom and enlighten people about what is really going on.

What really bugs me the most is that if you looked at my life now, with direction, great job, great home and married with a great wife and life, you would be disappointed in because I didn't get it God's way or by following his (your) will.

You would accuse me of being rebellious because I won't agree with you or let you control me. What's the matter? Can't handle a free thinker? Sucks when someone doesn't agree with your agenda doesn't it?

No more will I sit by and watch as you take people and destroy and their lives and families. I am drawing the line in the sand. Cross it if you dare. I will share my story of what you have done to my life and the lives of others I have known.

Pastors, church leaders I have this one last thing to say. Shame on you. Shame on you for the way to take advantage of people to the point they will sacrifice everything for you.

You can not have my life ever again. I AM FREE!!! Not you, ME! I am no longer afraid!

The line is drawn. LET'S ROCK!!!!

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