Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery

By Neal Stone

We've all heard that said before. How imitation is the best form of flattery.

In the Buybull (Gee, finally spelled that right.) we are told Christians aught to "come out from among them" and that Christianity is pure and to avoid the world. Yet many of the aspects of Christianity are influenced by worldly traits and activities.

Let's start with hymnals. Sung in churches for decades and still sung by churches who do not want worldly Christian Rock in their churches. Yet the majority of hymnals are taken from old bar songs that were sung in pubs. This was to attract worldly people to church so they could be "saved."

Many churches justify this by saying that people's lives are changed for the better. The fact is ANY organization that makes it a goal to help others can actually do so religious or not.

And we all know about Christian Rock. This also came about for the same reason as above. Blend rock and Christians music to attract others who would not otherwise go to church. I have been to these types of churches and am amazed at how many of these people are not really there for God, but to just "hang out" or pick up on the girls.

Dear Christians:

Knock off the candy ass rock concert church act. You want us to join you? Give us something real and pure!
Then there are the stupid t-shirts with the worlds logos converted to a Christian message. "Coke, the real thing" becomes "Jesus the real thing." One that really blew me away was one that was made to look like a "Jack Daniel's" t-shirt but said "The Book of Daniel." I actually thought it was a Jack Daniel's t-shirt till I got up close. Does that tell ya something?

Christians even go as far to have their own movies and music and awards programs to go with them. The "Dove Awards" is one big one. This is to honor those Christian artists for their work. Um, isn't God supposed to do that? And aren't Christians supposed to be humble and not seek attention for their works but rather work in secret so God can award them openly?

I thought the whole idea was to live a powerful Christian life so the world could see what God has [not] done for you so those without Jesus would want to worship him? But instead, they resort to the old "bate and switch" routine. Problem is many don't buy it but are happy to stick around and bring some worldly influence into the church.

Do you quench a car mechanics thirst by mixing gasoline and water? No, you give him pure clean water that is void of impurities. He will no doubt desire to have that water and accept it easily. If the water is pure, anyone will desire it and drink it. So if this is true about Christianity, then why do so many turn away from it? Why do Christians have to go through such great lengths to sell their religion if it is so desirable? I don't buy that "narrow is the way" crap either.

Since I have stopped going to church and worked out my life, more people have wanted to be like me or admire me for what I have done in my life. Could it be I have something so pure that these people desire it? What is it I have that makes people feel this way? I am not a public figure, I get no annual rewards at some ceremony, I just live day to day the life I desire. I live by logic and reason. I think about what I believe and not just accept it by faith. As far as I know, no one eve committed suicide living by logic and reason. I wonder how many committed suicide because their faith failed?

Dear Christians:

Knock off the candy ass rock concert church act. You want us to join you? Give us something real and pure!

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