You Fools...A Response

By Neal Stone

Benny and Dana:

You came to our website the other day and proceeded to put us down and call us foolish. I am sure that this was in Christ's love you did this, and you were only concerned for our souls and wanting to save us from our sins.

You and another poster proceeded to put us down. Why? Because we believe differently from you? Because we say what you don't want to hear? Perhaps it's because you can't handle that Christianity isn't perfect after all?

You said we were angry, resentful and had issues. You are right on all accounts. But we are at least honest and open about this. We are also working to resolve these issues as well. That's why we have this site. Christians have tons of sights for the same exact reason, to find resolution to the issues in their lives.

Our issues were caused by the religion we were taught to live and most importantly, by people like you. We were told if we served the Lord that the following would happen.
  • God would supply all your needs.
  • God will heal.
  • God will give us the desire of our hearts.
  • Even a little faith we could move mountains.
  • We would find a place to belong, be loved and be healed.
  • Even the odd ones who didn't fit in were supposed to be welcome.

Instead of healing us and our families we were told to wait on God, serve the church, give 10% and God will do the rest. "Wait on God and he will answer." I had strong faith many times about all of this.

I needed a job, direction in life, and healing both physical and mind. Every time I asked for advice it was the same old "wait on God" routine or trying to get me to speak in tongues. Never was I really given any real answers -- just generic answers used on everybody else.

For 23 years I served in God's army. I was taught to pray for those without God and to be kind and loving to them regardless of who they are so as to be a good testimony and show them that Christians are different. I don't recall being taught to call sinners pathetic or accuse them of having issues. I don't recall being taught to attack with hate and anger either. I was taught to even love my enemies. I guess we must have gone to different churches?

This site has helped me more in the few months I have been here than the whole 23 years of church I attended.

It seems to me that all you guys wanted to do was prove yourselves. You didn't! All you proved is what we have been saying here all along. You proved us right about how we feel and what we believe. Thank you for that, by the way. It's always good to have evidence to back up what you believe.

The real reason you hate this site is because it's a mirror, and you can't stand looking in it, because all you see is you looking back. The truth hurts doesn't it?

You Christians claim that the large number of Christians proves Christianity is true. So then it would be logical (that means to think) that Nazism, the Klu Klux Klan, and Communism are also correct.

We enjoy this site and we enjoy finally being free. If you really want to see someone with issues, go to church and watch the preaher! Look around your church pews, and you will see people with issues.

I have been struggling with my beliefs and about becoming an Atheist. Thanks to you two I am becoming closer to being an Atheist. After all, how can I believe in a loving God who has children like you.

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