Have you ever seen a conservative Christian...

Sent in by Christopher

Something has occurred to me as I am following the race for the American presidency. Jesus would be ashamed of the Christian right -- straight up mortified by them. Jesus (if he even existed as he supposedly reported in the bible), was all about selflessness and discarding worldly pursuits to help out his fellow mankind, no matter how lowly that person was.

Have you ever seen a conservative Christian do that? Ever?

I haven't.

Would they ever give up their new SUV, $250,000 home, and all their toys to follow in the example of the man that they worship and call Lord and savior?


Not in a million years.

Would they ever be seen offering a prostitute love and taking her to the doctor to get be checked up and get any medicine that she needs at his/her expense?


Would they invite a crack dealer to their homes or the homes of their friends and cook the dealer a fine meal out of kindness?

Hell no!

A multitude of other examples could be named, but you get the idea.

Why is this? one must ask.

The answer is because they are no better than the rest of us -- at all. This is simple human nature. We protect our own because it is evolutionarily advantageous to do so. Their holier-than-thou, moral superiority complex is totally baseless. People are people. They (Christians) simply cant turn their inflated egos around and see that, in the end, we all want the same basic things.

Christians are NOT special.

Side note: Sarah Palin scares the f**k out of me. Talk about the most unqualified pick possible. If McCain is elected and dies in office, we'd be stuck with her. (shivers)

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