Why don't my words REGISTER with them?

by summerbreeze

It's nice to be "courted," isn't it? But, not when you are asked to return to something that caused you so much unhappiness to begin with.

Amongst other bible studies, I was enrolled in Community Bible Study (CBS) when I was a Christian. I jumped ship after I realized that Christianity was a lie, and it made me feel so beat-down.

After I left, CBS ignored me for several years. Now this past year, they have been continually sending me news letters and forms galore to fill out and rejoin. A few weeks ago, I got fed up and decided to write on the form WHY I left Christianity (I was hoping something just might "register" with someone).

Today I received a two-page letter from Mr. Pat Robertson, Executive Director of Community Bible School. I'm sure that he's not the doofus who we're familiar with. Anyway, at first I tore it in two and tossed it in the kitchen waste basket. After a while I decided to fish it out and read it (it was a slow day).

Have any of you ever been asked to come back to Christianity, in spite of your "well explained" protests?

A two-page letter is way too long to bore you to tears with, but these lines stood out to me:
"I realize you said that for you God does not exist. Many disagree with you but your future will be determined by your own decision "
*** in other words, " Lady you is going to Hell ! ***
"I challenge you to pray if God exists, that He would reveal himself to you -- to open your eyes and heart to understand His love for you. What have you got to lose by doing that? You may gain a lot!"
***I waited for years for him to "reveal" himself! The postman never rang ! ***
"God created a perfect environment, but man in choosing to disregard His will has created a fallen environment for us to live in. We suffer the consequences of sin in our own lives and in the world around us."
*** Dang, I knew that what Billy Jones & I were doing in the back seat of his 57' Chevy wasn't right, but I never dreamed that Hurricane Katrina would be the result !***
"Only by having the righteousness of Christ imputed to us can be hope to have eternal life and produce the fruits of a righteous life. That's why we need a savior because we are incapable of earning our salvation. Yes, there are plenty of good, kind people who do not believe in God. But they are not good enough to earn salvation so that without belief in Jesus Christ they will not experience the Kingdom of Heaven."
***hmmmmm, eternal life and Heaven, there's two words that put together give me the creeps. Just what I want -- kissing God's feet (that's the nice version) forever and ever and ever and ever***

I am toying with the idea of sending him a copy of The God Delusion -- but maybe not. It just could be used as a classroom example of "what happens when we let our minds run amuck in that scary secular world out there... BEWARE!"

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