James Randi on Faith Healing


Anonymous said...

I love it! Notice how William Graham is still on the air and still making millions because he refused an interview.

xrayman said...

I wish someone could produce video highlights from Dateline NBC's wonderful piece that exposed Benny Hinn's faith healing abilities. They caught up with a couple of people Benny cured of cancer residing in their local cemeteries.

Of course the scumbag that the Rev. Hinn happens to be turned lemons into lemonaide. He pleaded for more donations because of NBC's story, and I am sure he received them.

These kinds of stories bring such a warm feeling to my heart, but unfortuneately the gullible will always exist, and these shitheads will always be in business.

Anonymous said...

My poor grandmother used to go to Kathryn Kulhman services all the time to be healed. god (little g) only knows how much she paid to be healed month after month.

Interestingly enough Kulhman died at the age of 67. So much for god's healing power.

samskeptic said...

Too bad that the public's attention span is so short. Popoff went underground for a while, but he's back again. I see him occasionally on weirdo Christian tv hawking "miracle water" in what look like little condiment packets. Truly shameless.

Anonymous said...

That was "refreshing." I must say I never did believe in quacks like those. It saddens me that there are so many easy targets out there. People who would believe anything. And that goes for the believers in psychics,too. It is all the same.

SpaceMonk said...

Good show.
I can't believe that Popoff guy is still going.
His show has just started here in Australia. It's the dodgiest looking of all the christian shows on.
The thing I don't get though is that he's constantly promoting his 'miracle water' (probably just tap water), but he's not charging for it.
It doesn't make sense, knowing he's a fraud.
I wish I could figure out his angle.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is, that perhaps most of these so-called "faith healers" and televangelists don't believe in a god at all themselves, therefore easing their respective consciences by willfully bilking millions out of the idiot population.

Here's a true story about the Rev. W.V. Grant: When I was about 10 or 11 years old, Mr. Grant came to our city to preach and "heal" at our high school's Performing Arts Center. My family being heavily involved in church at the time, as i recall we showed up early to the event for some reason, I think our church had something to do with hosting the event. Anyway, I remember being backstage and playing with a new transformer toy I had got earlier in the day. I was back in the dressing room, and two gentlemen came in, it was W.V. Grant and his assistant. They looked at me like I was some stupid little kid (which I'm proud to say I was!) and just told me to "get out," in a harsh tone. Apparently they had to prepare in private for that particular evening's fabrications.

Anonymous said...

Im not a religious person, but i have beliefs. I think that the christian faith has good intentions, and the overall message that they continuously try to convey are greatly positive. However, the ways in which these messages are taught, dispersed, and reinforced are what creates the negative image that some people neglect, sometimes with hostility. I have a grandmother, and a great grandmother who follow this faith, but they also allow room for, and acceptance towards other peoples views, even when they contradict some of the values that are a part of christianity. i dont follow the bible, and i dont think that any person should consider its words 'gospel'... i see the bible as a means to a good life, its words as guidelines for people to live with little fear or pain. and i believe that this was the original message that the bible gave... over the hundreds of years since it was written, the messages have been... edited, persay. which is how its effects have changed... this is a large subject, and one could write pages upon pages about the controversies that surround it... what i am suggesting to you, is to have an open mind about such things, to allow room for... differences.

xrayman said...

Speaking of how people forget. I was up at 5am a few months back and turned on the Country Music Channel only to see a very dissheveled looking Jimmy Swaggart still preaching against the sins he committed, and still begging people to send him money. He looked like a Saturday Night Live charactor of his former self. That was one of life's great moments when he was caught with a very unattractive hooker after preaching so adamentally against sexual sins, yet he still has to balls to take advantage of a few more suckers today.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous, I don't think you understand who we are. We aren't bashing christians because they are different from us. We used to BE christians. We are relating amongst ourselves our experiences and observations of christianity to help each other and ourselves deal with the issues that arrise from leaving what is a huge, life controlling institution.

What I find most interesting in your post is that you say you are not religious and you apparently don't know much about christianity except that it has obvious credibility problems. What you might find surprising is that most christian denominations preach the exact opposite of what you are advising us to do: be tolerant of other people's differences.

Don't be misled by our ire and our candor. Most (if not all) of us have friends and/or relatives who are christians just like your grandmothers. So, believe me, we know how to allow room for difeerences.

Avie said...

It's so ironic that this was posted when it was...a week ago, my father and I were watching video footage of William Branham (a faith healer back in the 1950s) and my dad was asking me what I thought. I pointed out that in most cases, Branham was either using cold reading or hot reading. (I'm opting for hot reading, since he said things just like the two guys mentioned here.)

Even when confronted with the truth, my dad still doesn't want to admit the guy was a fraud, like they all are. I asked why it was so important for him to believe, especially since Branham's been dead for quite some time. He said, "When you've been raised with the idea that someone is beyond reproach from childhood, finding out the opposite can be earth-shattering." I suppose he's right...in a way, at least. Some things need to be broken.

Another comment about this article, if I may...the footage of the people throwing their medicines up on the stage nearly made me throw up. As a medicine-dependent individual, I know the repercussions of such actions, mainly death. And not just death--painful death. These charlatans may delude themselves into thinking they're "helping" people, but I wonder how many deaths they've been responsible for? How many lives have been cut short too soon because of these frauds? Oh, but when people die, they just shrug and say, "His faith wasn't strong enough." Excuse me? Why does an all-powerful god rely on the faith of mere humans? The simple answer is that he doesn't. It's sick. The whole thing is sicker than the people who come for healing. At least they are genuine in their desire.

Nvrgoingbk said...

If I believed in Hell I would expect to see men like this to be first in line to recieve the recompense for their evil. Since I don't believe in Hell, I have to hope to see more of these fucks exposed and brought to justice in this life.

I'd love to see a video on "prophets" like Kim Clement. My husband's cousin is a HUGE supporter and defender of this fraud. Does anyone have any information on this guy that exposes him as such? Hey Webmaster Dave, how about it?

Anonymous said...


TheJaytheist said...

You got all worked up and passed out.

Big woop.

From wikipedia:"A similar state with loss of external awareness and motor control occurs as the result of a variety of rituals and dances in various religious and cultural traditions; see the article on religious ecstasy, Many are of the opinion that these events can be explained by psychological antecedents which could be a variety of different feelings, like "fire","electricity", " holy laughter", or a "cool wind".

Similar experiences are also reported by those who experience a Kundalini awakening."

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