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Sam Harris at Idea City '05


cj said...


twincats said...

The sad thing is that this man is going to be denounced as a heretic and possibly marked for death by multiple religions.

But yes, AMEN!!

Lee said...

I could have listened to him talk a LOT longer! Insightful, bold and unabashed, this guy lets the PC freaks have it...religious correctness (RC) is something that should NOT be tolerated any more than politial correctness, in my opinion.

If I've learned anything from this video, it's that we let the religious nuts get away with too much as it is, let alone allow them to trod around with a club while walking on eggshells...sounds like hyperbole or an oxymoron, but think about it...christians barely tolerate one another in this "fake" civility that is religious correctness...they CERTAINLY walk the line of civility when it comes to NON-xians...yet, they berate the non believers as amoral while telling you that they hate the sin yet love the sinner...they equate xianity with morality and propagandize a monopoly on it...

by you not confronting them about their delusion, they have basically pushed you into a corner and bullied you into enduring religious correctness...screw!