The Sick Mind of a Lone Christian

By John W. Loftus

Because of the sick mind of one lone Christian I no longer comment on any other blog but my own at If you see a comment purportedly from me dated later than 1 PM August 16th 2006 (EST), I did not write it. I repeat, I did not write it.

Someone is sending emails to people with mine and Daniel Morgan's return email addresses on them. Ed Babinski pointed it out to me because he received something that had the official look of coming from me, but it didn't come from me. Then on a different blog someone commented using my name who made statements to the effect that I was a homosexual pedophile, and by clicking on my name it takes a person to my blogger profile. I was alarmed at this and immediately denied that such a comment came from me, but my comment was deleted, leaving the other comment falsely attributed to me to stand.

I'm very surprised that I threaten someone so much that this is justifiable in the name of his God. And I am also surprised that a Christian simply does not believe that Christianity can hold its own in the marketplace of ideas such that he needs to slander me like this. So, as of now I am not, I repeat, not commenting on any other blog. If you see my name on a comment in another blog, I did not make it, starting at about 1PM (EST) on August 16th, 2006. Any comment posted after that date is not from me.

My thanks to Dave for allowing me here on his site as a blogger. It's great site and I read it often!

This does not silence me at all! I can still do business just fine from my own blog, and here. If I see something I want to comment on, I'll just create a blog entry here or there, at least until things are different.

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