Douglas Adams on atheism

A great text by Douglas Adams, read by Simon Jones (who played Arthur Dent in the original HHGTTG radio and TV series), where he explains his positions about the existence of god(s), opinions and the scientific method.


Yukkione said...

Awesome. Douglas Adams was a great thinker and writer.

Agnostic Anarch said...

ACK! It ended too fast! I need the rest of this!!

Also, great love for Douglas! And I miss him very, very much.


John Stone said...

The Cosmos, Abiogenesis & Free-thinkers

Question: Which Came First?

John Stone

There is an almost insurmountable problem facing many who come out of the fiction called xianity. It effects those who call themselves free-thinkers or atheists. This problem is simply that the lies of xianity continue to effect them.

Ever since birth, children have been told that jezuz is god -- jezuz is the "xian" god incarnate who came to earth as a "man." This grows into one of the most stupid inventions of all -- the xian "trinity" of god, jezuz, holey ghast -- one and the same -- same substance, all god yada, yada, yada.

So, it is logical -- when one discovers the fiction of jezuz and leave this farce -- to "ass-u-me" that since there is no jezuz, there is no G-d. OOPS! A major blunder and total lapse in logic.

Just because xianity is a fraud and jezuz -- with his band of merry men -- are fiction does not destroy the Source of everything. That Source created time, gravity, dark matter, dark energy, our solar system, the universe, electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, leptons and mesons -- the inner workings of the atom. Also, endlessness, infinity and beyond, and nothingness -- all are creations. Jezuz, xianity, man-made religion have nothing to do with this very Source of ALL. As a matter of fact, they have nothing to do with anything of substance in the cosmos or our life. Our Creator keeps ALL in place; us living; the universe expanding -- moment-by-moment, like a heart beat. Scientists have recently discovered a heart beat -- unceasing pulses in the universe.

I hear from many newbie "atheists" and "free-thinkers" who throw all of this knowledge -- the baby with the bath water -- out the window when they leave the man-made religion of xianity behind. This is a classic case of ignorance -- IGNORing facts; the very facts that science continues to discover as time passes. Almost every decade or less, astrophysics, particle physics et al discover a new paradigm and have to abandon their old paradigm.

So here we have these persons newly freed from the prison of xian theology (atheists, free-thinkers) IGNORing our very Creation and our Creator. Instead these newly "free-thinkers" reject a Creator, while only seeing the very xian vision -- long ago implanted in their psych -- an anthropomorphic image of a god as jezuz or an old white haired man with long beard. Mormons are so nutty they even declare that their god was a man living on the planet Kolob.

Then the debate continues -- xian vs.. free-thinkers (atheists) -- evolution vs.. creation, yada, yada, yada. The nut cases on each side stoning the other when neither has a grain of wisdom! Funny, but Mr.. Evolutionist doesn't even consider that his primordial ooze was a Creation by the source of Creation. Conversely the Creation nuts are dominated by xian fundys claiming that jezuz was the creator of all -- citing John 1:1 from the xian holey babble fiction.

The atheists and free-thinkers ran from xianity, but still have a xian/jezuz "ball and chain" attached to their brains and logic. So the following Michael Savage story has even more significance -- the hobo has a better grasp on the cosmos that atheists and free-thinkers.

Michael asked him "Do you believe in G-d?"

To which the "traveler" replied, "What! Do you think I created myself?" He then turned and walked away.

So what have we learned? Free-thinkers (atheists) are not real thinkers, but merely innocent people in a blind rebellion against the fiction of xianity and it purveyors -- theologians, clergy, missionaries and apologists. In so doing, they IGNORE their Creator and even science. These "free-thinkers" need to study the consequences of Professor Mike Disney (Astrophysicist, School of Physics & Astronomy, Cardiff University) declaration:

"The greatest obstacle to advancement in science is the illusion of knowledge."

Now is the time to provide some pertinent insights from the Rebbe -- ponder them, for therein lies wisdom!

"The atheist, too, has a god, and it is himself."

The idolater at least understands there is something greater than him, something beyond the grasp of his physical senses, some external forces to which he is subject."

"But for the atheist, all the universe is defined by his own understanding, all ethics and morals are subject to his approval and even he himself is an artifact of his own mind."

"He is a self-made man, for he creates his own universe and squeezes himself inside it."

"Any reason we may suppose for G-d's will could not be the ultimate reason. The finite mind cannot begin to fathom an infinite wisdom--never mind that which brought forth wisdom from the Void. The ultimate knowledge is that we do not know."

"That there are matters we don't understand is obvious--how could the finite intellect of an inherently subjective mortal being, imprisoned within the confines of time and space, be expected to fathom the infinite wisdom of the Creator? The great wonder is that there are matters we can understand."

"True, G-d knows all before it occurs. More than that: It is His knowledge that brings all events into being. But we still have free choice. You claim this is illogical. I ask you: Knowledge of existence before any thought of any thing exists is logical? When we talk about the Source of All Existence, our principles of logic no longer apply. We don't understand a thing, because there is no understanding."

Perhaps for the "free-thinkers/atheists" it would be best for them to think outside of their xian colored mind-set; grasp the Hebrew name for our Creator, cosmic unity -- Ein-Sof -- endlessness -- meaning the Being that has “no end."

Perhaps when the CR course on the fiction of jezuz -- the non-historical character of the xian bible -- finishes, we should republish a fantastic book, Mind Over Matter, the Rebbe on Science, Technology and Medicine. In it, one gets right down into the middle of science -- theories, facts, quarks and much, much more. Yep, right down to particle physics.

So free-thinkers/atheists -- start to cleanse your brains of your lingering subconscious xian influence. Then you can really think free. There is whole new universe out there waiting for you! Who knows, you might even discover it for yourself!

Oh yeah, regarding abiogenesis; which came first, the primordial ooze or Ein-Sof?

dano said...

I think the Jesus story, and the Bible in general are too incredulous to give much consideration, plus the fact that they insult a God who could theoretically do anything it wants anytime it wants.

All we can do is look at the chaos of the universe, and the glaring examples of, not to intelligent design, here on earth and exclaim: "God! If you're out there, and there is something you require of me, go for it!

Otherwise I will just keep on eating and sleeping and reproducing, (and posting on the net) and trying to squeeze out a few more years here on earth"

Dan (Agnostic believer in the primordial ooze maker)

dano said...

By the way John,
What is all this misspelling of God, Christianity, Holy Ghost, and Jesus?

What's that all about?

Dan (Is it judging our pathetic literary endeavors?)

Dave8 said...

John: "These "free-thinkers" need to study the consequences of Professor Mike Disney (Astrophysicist, School of Physics & Astronomy, Cardiff University) declaration: "The greatest obstacle to advancement in science is the illusion of knowledge."

Sort of like, the greatest obstacle in the advancement of the human species is the illusion of a god.

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