Why is sex a sin?


Anonymous said...

Pretty good little video. Now I can go have sex and feel good about it.

sailerfraud said...

Right on the mark. Religion nutheads have another sin which they try to make you feel guilty - money.

They teach, lie, and brainwash you into believing money is evil, and to save yourself and soul, you must give your money to the church or religious institution.

Unknown said...

One problem I can think is, let's imagine (or this might actually be the case) that you have a daughter who is old enough to consent to sex. Now, I come along and I either tell you, or you find out in some other way, that I want to have sex with your daughter. If you would be angry, then why would you be angry if sex is good?

SpaceMonk said...

Good video.
Yet I've also come to see it as an 'evolutionary' thing, ie. social engineering.

In the wild, groups or herds of animals are usually ruled by a single dominant male.
This authority figure is the only one allowed to do the mating. That way he ensures that only his genes are passed on. Only his kind continue.
If any other animal tries to get it on with his females they get beaten off (so to speak) - and they know it.

This behaviour would have thus continued up through apeman days, and caveman days, until it got translated into the religious 'values', as in this video, in more modern man.

Religion was set up to control not only individuals, but entire communities.

The authority figures alone get to decide who can procreate, and if you resist you get beaten down.

This way if you want to 'do it' you have to submit to their regulations, unless you want trouble ...so reinforcing their authority.

Anonymous said...

Brian, if my daughter has reached the age of consent and I have taught her to make good dicissions and I trust her judgement, then I wouldn't have any reason to be angry at the idea of her having sex.

Now being protective is a different issue. As a part of my family and being someone I love, I would be ready to protect and defend my daughter from any unwanted suitors and give her the benefit of my experience in deciding what kingds of relationships are healthy and beneficial to her.

Bottom line: if she's an adult and she wants to have sex, its her business.

If she doesn't want to have sex, then you are my business!

Anonymous said...

Whoops! I meant decision.

Unknown said...


What if I am not a good "suitor"? What if I just want to have sex with your daughter a few times? Also, what if your daughter is aware of that and she agrees to it?

Anonymous said...

I haven't got a daughter Brian, but if I had, I certainly wouldn't like to find you on my doorstep holding a bunch of flowers!

Have you thought about this? The issue that you have raised would never have become a problem if young girls' hormones didn't kick in a long time before they are psychologically and emotionally mature enough to deal with sex (and having children).

Now who would design an arrangement like that?

Trancelation said...

Sex is a sin because misery loves company. It's that simple. By making you feel guilty about your most basic human needs, they are capable of controlling you, and getting you to believe whatever they want. Then you can wallow in misery just like them, and they'll never have to pay any attention to their own needs.

Anonymous said...

Last May the Washington Post had an article concerning the contrasting attitudes about teen sex held in the U.S. and Western Europe (where religion is far less influential). The article supports the position taken in the video.

The article quoted a leading European researcher on teen sexuality who dismisses the idea that sex constitutes risky behavior for teens. He said: "In many European countries - Switzerland in particular - sexual intercourse, at least from the age of 15 or 16 years, is considered acceptable and even part of normative adolescent behavior."

The article also noted that Switzerland has one of the world's lowest rates of abortion and teen pregnancy. It further said that teens there and in other European countries have easy access to contraceptives, confidential health care, and comprehensive sex education. Abstinence-only teachings are considered "unfair," "useless," and "inefficient."

Additionally, the article stated: "Straightforward messages on how to prevent STDs and teen pregnancy help offset the impact on teens of sexually explict ads, movies, and other mass media - as ubiquitous in Western Europe as in the United States...."

Finally, the article quoted the head of a Swiss research group on adolescent medicine: "The main difference is that in the States sexual activity is considered a risk. Here we consider it a pleasure."

Undoubtedly, the decline of religious belief in Europe has led to a much more rational and humane attitude toward sexuality.

Anonymous said...

Sex is a sin because it reduces infanticide. If a male is sure that a kid is his, he won't kill it. Before genetic testing, the ony way to be sure was to keep your woman reigned in. Monogamous pairs also helped with our survival early on in our evolution, as the male was much more willing to protect the female and child if he knew it was his child.

Anonymous said...

Death because of sex,..(aids etc.),makes sex no more sinful than
accidental death from car crashes makes driving a sin.

Throwing caution to the wind,being irresponsible and not educating yourself about the dangers of certain behaviors is just stupid,..not sinful.

Anonymous said...

The arguments of the producer of this video are shallow and feeble.
Sex is sin?
The Bible never tells us that sex is sin. In fact, it was God who invented sex for the pleasure and procreation of human beings.

Sin is defined as using legitimate things in illegitimate ways.

Sex, a legitimate act becomes illegitimate when you use it in ways that God did not prescribe, e.g. sex before marriage, sex outside the marriage, homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality etc.

We shall remember that legitimate sex is a gift of God.

The author contended that religionists brainwashed sex into a sin. But it is not religionists but the Bible itself.

When you doubt it....dont' ask, but pray--The Bible never asks us to suppress our doubts.

God invites the people of Israel in the book of Isaiah, 'Come, let us REASON' (Isaiah 1:18). God values our rational capacities in evaluating things around us.

How could a good god allow evil?....The atheist has been shooting his feet since ages unknown with this question.

Who told you that there is evil in this world?

After all, we all came out of Big Bang and acting according to our instincts.

Who knows where we end up in this unceasing ocean of change and chance?

Hunger and Sex......the analogy is good.

Hunger is good, but unrestricted hunger brings heart disease, cancer and hypertension.

Similarly, sex is good, but unrestricted sex brings STDs, HIV, and ultimately judgment of God.

God says in Hebrews chapter 13, 'Marriage is honorable of all, but whoremongers and adulterers God shall judge'.

Anonymous said...

That was a good article from the Washington Post. Here's the link.



webmdave said...

Hey Paul!

Good points on the bad results of eating too much.

Yet, becoming as big as house doesn't seem to bring the judgment of gawd, does it?

What's Falwell's weight up to now, about 450?

Abusing sex or food leads to health and life problems. A lack of self control is stupid, but it is NOT a SIN!

Steven Bently said...

Paul: "We shall remember that legitimate sex is a gift of God"

Funny how it was soon forgotten, by the bible team members.

Gen. 19:36 Thus were both the daughters of Lot with child by their father.

Gen. 20:2 And Abraham said of Sarrah his wife, she is my sister

Anonymous said...

Similarly, sex is good, but unrestricted sex brings STDs, HIV, and ultimately judgment of God.

Apparently, someone didn't bother to read the survey mentioned by (unfortunately) "anonymous" earlier in this thread.

Time and again, surveys have shown that the more sexually progressive countries in the west have lower teen pregnancy and STD rates than their "religious" conterparts (e.g. the US). And in the US, those rates are highest in the most conservative and religious portions of the country (e.g. the South).

Just like Katrina, apparently gawd is "target challenged" when it comes to punishing the guilty.

Anonymous said...

Brian, my responcibility as a parent is to be there for my children and to teach them to make good decisions. It is not to make their decisions for them after they have grown up.

The questions isn't "do you want to have sex with her?", it's "does she want to have sex with you?"

If she does then I need to honor her choice. (Even if it is a one night stand.)

Its just that simple.

Anonymous said...

Sex is not a gift, it's a biological imperative.

A sweater is a gift.

But if I give my good friend a beautiful sweater as a gift, but then I tell her she cannot wear that sweater unless she wears a pink tee shirt underneath and a tan plaid coat over it and, oh yeah, she can only wear it to the grocery store on alternate Thursdays, is it really still a gift?

Anonymous said...

hahahaha thats a good point twincats

south2003 said...

"The Bible never tells us that sex is sin. In fact, it was God who invented sex for the pleasure and procreation of human beings."

Nutcase #1 said:

"It was God who invented sex for the pleasure..."

Sure is pleasurable to the young choir boy who gets tossed almost daily by the clergy.

"...and procreation of human beings."

Procreation - If only every one could do that - procreate. I guess it's special for those who can.

Nutcase #2 said:

"We shall remember that legitimate sex is a gift of God."

So tell me I beg of thee, who the dickens is Jesus. Oh never mind - when the gods have sex...humm or did god have sex? Matter of fact, No. It send something else. I think it was a cloud a spirit or angels to do it with an unwed virgin. Then I guess it's ok...Praise the gods - it's a gift!

LadySidhe said...

I agree with him. It's what I've been saying all along...when everything is a sin, and people can't do anything without feeling guilty, where do they put all that energy that would otherwise go to enjoying life? The Church.

And it all started with Paul...Mr. I can't get laid, so I don't want anyone else to get laid either."

I mean, God says, in his INFALLIBLE WORD, the bible, to "go forth and multiply." He says that right in the beginning, so it must be pretty important, right?

If you're a christian, are you going to listen to your all-knowing, all-powerful creator, or one of His flawed (according to religion, we are ALL flawed) creations?

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Rhology said...

You misspelled "religious".

Anonymous said...

SpaceMonk wrote:
"Religion was set up to control not only individuals, but entire communities.
The authority figures alone get to decide who can procreate, and if you resist you get beaten down.
This way if you want to 'do it' you have to submit to their regulations, unless you want trouble ...so reinforcing their authority."

Dan :> So the Pope becomes the controller of sex, and all of the other clowns wearing the dresses, that he is the boss of, become like sex policemen.

No wonder pedophilia has run rampant in the Catholic church from almost the beginning.

Then of course the Baptists and the several thousand other varieties of religious mind control cults do the same thing, with approximately the same results.
The preacher man and his subordinates become the boss over your sexuality, and are in the best position to control the fragile minds of the pretty young nubile girlies, and get the first shot at them.

eel_shepherd said...

Hmmm, I wonder if that's why all they give out at communion is those cardboard wafers and non-alcoholic wine, and not oysters and chocolate...

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