Atheism vs. Christian Myth


mothpete said...

Awesome. I call bullshit on religion too.

shakeitup said...

I am more an abullshitist than an atheist. There have been millions of atheists in communist countries that are forced to buy into irrational beliefs that demand their sacrifice. Same bloody outcome for them if they say “What? That’s bullshit!” as a woman questioning the Koran in Saudi Arabia. It was only a few centuries ago that death was the penalty for saying “What? …That’s sounds like bullshit!” to the Bible.
There is a growing move around the world silence the right of an honest person to question bullshit and it is being sold to the sheep as anti hate crime speech. It works perfect for the puppet masters because they accidentally found this to a great way to silence those who challenge and question bullshit. Ironically the people clamoring for this noose are liberals who are supposed to be the champions of free speech because they think it will be only used against the people they .. well… hate.
But all my heroes , (none of them perfect but all of them courageous) from Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine, to Robert Ingersoll, all the way to George Carlin (peace be upon him), Pat Condell and James Randi in modern times would all be guilty of hate crimes for no other reason than challenging people to think rationally and calling people out on their bullshit.
I just want to alert my fellow ex to be aware of how hate crime speech laws are increasingly being used to silence your right to rationally inquire into anything.
Never allow anyone to take away another’s right to peaceful and rationally challenge bullshit wherever they hear it no matter who may be offended. Somehow it is being spun that rational thought may lead to violence so better to silence anything offence before someone gets hurt. What bullshit.
Ironically, most of my heroes now, are people whose writings deeply offended me back in my Buy Bull days. I was shocked, outraged, oppressed and dehumanized by their hate speech cleverly disguised as rational inquiry. I’m sure grateful they weren’t silenced.

DUG853 said...

Fuckheads, plain and simple. IMO

bb said...


Great post but when you live in Fundieville, U.S.A., being an abullshitista can cost you your job. I am a closet abullshitista because if I voiced the "I Don't Believe in Jeebus", where I work, I'd be on welfare. I should be able to excuse myself from their mass delusion but here in Six Flags Over Jesus, civil liberties are a great luxury when you don't need a paycheck. I'm not griping or whining...just reflecting on the sad reality...82% of Americans believe Gawd is great and Jeebus rocks. *SIGH*

Unknown said...

Those are two of the best videos I've ever seen. The first one really said a lot, and exposed the hilarity (more-so if it weren't so sad) and hypocrisy of these evangelicals, and the second one was really poignant (and who would have thought that a video featuring girl-on-girl fighting would be poignant?), especially because it showcased the capacity for extreme intelligence in apes (and "animals" in general), and extreme stupidity in humans. At once, it is the antidote to both the "human superiority" and "beautifully-created world" mindsets.

twincats said...

WTF is up with all the gratuitous violence in the second video??

I saw nothing poignant about it.

D. A. N. said...

"[what] is up with all the gratuitous violence in the second video??"

It sure proved to me that we are in deed in a fallen creation that is for sure. I flagged it because of it's content I suggest you do the same.

Anonymous said...

The first video is more an expression of personal anger than particularly insightful. The second is... irrelevant? Pointless? Someone's first experiment with windows movie maker? Waste of time.

Anonymous said...

A couple of points here:

1) You cannot reason with most fundamentalists. Reason is not why they believe, nor can reason persuade them to leave. Reason is the wisdom if this world. Fortunately, there are some who can be freed from delusion. Hence the existence of sites such as this. We preach to the choir here, but sometimes others hear.

2) I am struck by how both we and the theists are so absorbed by our agenda as to have little to say about the situation of the chimps. In all likelihood none of us could possibly recall those number locations as well as that chimp. How I pity the chimps for having such brain capacity and not the vocal equipment with which to develop language and civilization. This is explicable via the half hazard process of evolution, but brutally cruel if representing the handiwork of a designer.

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