Integration of a new commenting system is underway

An announcement from Webmdave:

The commenting application for ExChristian.Net is seeing changes. Eventually, instead of the Blogger/Google commenting system, comments will be handled by

Questions, comments, complaints, compliments about the new commenting system? Leave a comment here or just message me.
It will no longer be necessary for anyone to register in order to post. However, those who do register will find a wealth of features such as being able to edit comments, follow the posts of all and/or individual posters, follow comments on all and/or individual threads, receive email updates, create a profile, subscribe to rss feeds and a handful of other great options. One really cool feature is the option of posting a video comment. Another is a threaded reply ability which enables posters to reply directly to the OP or to a particular poster.

Note: Anonymous comments (comments by unregistered users) are moderated. Registered comments are not moderated and will appear instantly.

The way posts can be displayed is also enhanced. Comments can now be viewed on the page from older to newer, newer to oldest, etc. Some HTML markup is allowed for bold, italics, and links. A link posted without any markup automatically becomes clickable.

All comments posted prior to the new software integration will remain visible. All newer comments will have the new features and options.

The system is still being tested, so there may be more changes as we go along.

If you like the new commenting system, let me know. If you hate it, let me know.

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Questions, comments, complaints, compliments? Leave a comment here or just message me.

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