I want to believe

An original song by "sbGault," of the atheist/objectivist band Galt Aureus

Free mp3: http://www.galtmusic.com/mp3/download...

There was no autopsy in 1947,
just a man in his flat in Camden;
What of the Aztec crash,
and the Hills' missing past?
Did the Phoenix Lights fall from the sky?
Is the truth hidden safe?
I'd settle for knowing there is a truth.

I want to believe,
though I know there's nothing to be seen.
It's a dark night and an empty sky,
and a world full of restless minds.

You hear of the coverups in a silent undercurrent,
men who disappear for good;
But we've been warring for about ten thousand years,
and you'd be wise if you assumed:
If those grey men land,
they'll possess sense enough to flee.

The truth is out there:
we're stark, dead alone;
The truth is out there,
if we're stark, dead alone;
The truth is out there,
and we're stark, dead...

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