The apple of God's eye?

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By David S

As many of you are aware, a Christian pastor in Illinois was killed on Sunday March 8, in his church, no less. Certainly, a terrible tragedy and I feel horrible for his surviving family. Nonetheless, this tragedy illustrates a common theme I have found among Christians: God had a special plan for this man, and that no way, interferes with His plan for me! In other words, they never consider that maybe God's plan was cut short by this child of God being executed, and that their own lives could fall pray to the enemy as God sits idly by, doing nothing!

Someone very important to me goes to a Bible study twice a week and watches numerous television episodes of Joyce Meyer, many in which Joyce proclaims that God has a special plan for all Christians. Of course, this special plan is never divulged, but you can believe, if its from God, its special! Anyway, this friend of mine feels that God has that "special plan" for their life, even though over the last six months, this person, despite praying every single day for a financial miracle (sometimes twice a day), has only made $4K!, which is below the poverty level! How much more evidence do you need? How can God ignore the heartfelt requests of the apple of his eye, I ask?

I asked this person today how they could put their trust and faith in a God that had just allowed (without raising his supernatural finger to prevent it, which would have been beyond easy) this pastor who is actively spreading His Word (which should get you some special favors in my opinion) to be slaughtered. How could you feel that God has got any special plans for you when you can plainly see other Christians just like yourself, who are being killed and that there is in fact, no "heavenly multitudes (as my former pastor recently put it) protecting you!
Christians die just like non-Christians. This person knows that I am an atheist, and I told this person, "Had God supernaturally stopped that bullet in mid-air and allowed no harm to come to his pastor," then that is the type of evidence I would consider to be from God. Alas, no such luck.

I am appalled by the arrogance of these Christians who sincerely think they are the "Apple of God's eye" and just cannot see reality in the face; they are special and surely the harm that befalls other Christians could not touch them, because their God will protect them!

Seriously, how can a Christian with this mindset ignore the killings of the Christian students at Columbine, Virginia Tech, the occasional missionary who is either killed or imprisoned, and feel that God is watching over them? Wouldn't God have more use for these wonderful Bible spreading people here on Earth than in Heaven?

Wake up people!

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