By Bill

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Every religion has it's rules and in Christianity, these rules are collected in a book called the bible (the book).

Religious leaders tell us this book is the word of god, written by god to teach us how to live right. According to these priests god created everything , knows everything and is in total control. Let's take a closer look at this book he gave us to see what it has to offer.

The book says we were created by and placed here by a greater god (against our will?). The book teaches us god created us all, good, bad, deranged, defective and perverted.

The book tells us we are all sinners and out of the billions of people that he created, only 144,000 are good people. The rest are losers slated to burn in hell for eternity.

The book tells us to follow our leaders without question as they were chosen by god.
Our leaders are allowed to murder their children if they hear voices in their head telling them to do so. They are allowed to lie to us and keep secrets from us but we must respect these leaders.

It tells us we cannot run our own lives and eventually we will destroy the world so god had to create a child better than us to let us know we are lost without him.

Why didn't he just make as good as his only begotten son in the first place?

We must accept this "savior" no matter his antics or we will burn in hell.

We don't have to act good, we can be murderers and rapists but as long as we believe, we're good and will achieve a heavenly reward when we die.!

It teaches us to turn the other cheek instead of working out our disagreements.

It promotes war. It promotes genocide. It teaches masochism.

It tells the history of a small group of people in a small corner of the world and disregards the rest while claiming the book is for everyone even though only the Jews are the chosen race.

It teaches us we are all bad, we have sin in our hearts regardless of our good deeds.
And it goes on and on and...

If this book is really the instruction manual to life as the christians claim, shouldn't we get some good advice in it?
  • Does it teach us how to raise and rotate crops or give us hunting tips?
  • Does it teach us how to practice good personal hygiene?
  • Does it teach us how to dress a wound?
  • Does it teach us how to keep our water clean? How to keep our food supplies safe from insects and pathogens?
  • Does it teach us how the earth was made and it's important components?
  • Does it teach us not to pollute our rivers, lakes and sky?
  • Does it teach us how to get along with others? how to get a job?
  • How to attract a mate? Any good sexual advice? How to satisfy your partner?
  • Does it teach us how to cure illness? Disability?
    How to keep our kids safe?
  • Does it teach us medicine or the sciences? The arts? How to prepare a healthy and nutritious meal?
  • Does it teach us how to defend ourselves against all the evil people he created?
  • Does it warn us of child molesting priests?

Perhaps most importantly this book does not teach us how to deal with people who have been brainwashed by its lies.

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