A Good Christian Wife

By Daniel Brown

Jack Whinery, homesteader, with his wife and t...Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr

Christian men are very insecure. As with all insecure people, they must domineer others to feel good about themselves. Once they snag a woman, the goal is to force them to submit. Women must be kept under their thumb at all times. Physical abuse isn’t necessary as emotional, psychological, and religious abuse are usually much more effective.

Below are some methods whereby Christian men accomplish this:
  1. Make lots of babies. After all, this is her ONLY purpose in life. Right?
  2. Make the woman homeschool them.
  3. Keep her nice and plump so no other men look at her.
  4. Buy her books about being a “Christian” mother.
  5. Make her wear frumpy clothes.
  6. Encourage her to have a benign hobby like scrapbooking, Pampered Chef, etc.
  7. Send her to Beth Moore conferences.
  8. Demean her. After all, she IS beneath you.
  9. Buy her new kitchen appliances so she gets the hint.
  10. Break her spirit.

I’m sure there are other methods I’m unaware of, but you get the picture.

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