Religious Reich’s Barbaric Death and Destruction

By Mriana

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One of the things I have noticed over my lifetime is the death and destruction of the Religious Reich, everything from suicide to murder. They might not pull the trigger personally, but they do seem to find some poor bloke they manage to brainwash and mentally abuse to do it for them. All too often the Religious Reich wants to control the masses via religious dogma that makes absolutely no sense in light of scientific knowledge, especially and including Women’s Reproductive health. Sadly, when they cannot have control of the masses, they attempt to take it by force, in some manner, and then attempt to base it on their so-called “good book”, when that book can be shredded and put back together again after showing them just how much they do not know about it. I intend to do just that too, because as a Christian friend of mine has told others since the murder of Dr. Tiller, I will not back down or even stand down, at least not in writing, especially in the face of a heinous crime done in the name of religion. Trust me; it had religious dogma written all over it.

I never met Dr. George Tiller personally, but he was a man who helped women and saved their lives, even with late term abortions. There were many health reasons that he would perform such procedures and with some research with NOW, NARAL, and Planned Parenthood, a person can find some of these reasons, as well as get an education about abortions at any stage of gestation. I will only mention two extreme situations, due to space, for reasons a late term abortion would be performed.

One is that the baby died en utero before the ninth month and what the Religious Reich refuses to understand or even allow others to learn is this is dangerous because the woman can end up with an infection that is the same as if she had an illegal abortion. The body can literally attack the corpse as though it were an unwanted parasite, thus creating a very deadly infection. However, due to their ignorance, they still want the woman to carry a corpse to term. My question is what will they kill? The baby is all ready dead! You cannot kill something that is already dead and if they believe babies go to heaven, then why are they making her carry something that is nothing but an empty shell?

As for young girls who are victims of incest, they sometimes do not tell anyone until it is obvious that she is pregnant. A ten or eleven year old girl could be very afraid to tell someone about what happened until she is well into the third trimester. It is unreasonable to force her to do that because she is not physically grown enough to deliver and she probably does not have the psychological stability to raise her father’s baby. There are many things to consider about the little girl’s physical and mental health. To force her to give birth to the baby is completely wrong.

Lastly, many women who choose to have an abortion do not always have feelings of remorse. Such a myth is one created by the Religious Reich to scare women out of abortions. According to one of the Women’s Health organizations, many women feel liberated by it, but they go on to emphasize the need for birth control too, so they do not advocate abortion as the only source of birth control. However, without that option, many women would die from septic infections from illegal abortions.

The thing is the Religious Reich does not want anyone to know this, much less educate themselves about women’s health. They spout that there are Biblical reasons stating that God forbids “killing an unborn baby”. However, the Bible is virtually silent about abortions, does not even consider life starting until God breathes life into the nostrils (Genesis 2:7), and if they are talking about the Commandment that states, “Thou shalt not kill,” (Exodus 20:13) that is a questionable reference even then. In reality, the Bible, written and inspired by humans who had a fascination with stones that they attributed to their deity, shows just how primitive the authors were. Almost everyone gets stoned in the Old Testament and I am not talking about Maui Wow-ui either. In fact, people are happy to see babies thrown on stones (Psalm 137:9), stoning a woman, even if she is pregnant, is permissible… (2 Kings 8:12, 15:16, and other verses are quite morbid: ) Oh hell, their fascination with rocks was so strong, I would not be surprised if there is a verse about stones singing, which makes you wonder what drug they were smoking.

Such Stone Age mentality and people still believe such barbaric crap? Anyway, enough of my ranting about what is actually said concerning women and babies. Frankly, I was amazed of all the Stone Age mentality in the Bible when I search for the exact chapter and verse of these things in the Strong and Vines Concordance and Dictionary. The Quran is just as bad too. I wondered how people could still believe in something that was written by cavemen due to how many verses in the Bible that dealt with stoning, stones, and rocks.

The Religious Reich has no Biblical basis for what they are trying to enforce on others. It is as though they have never read their morbid book, because it is not even pro-child or pro-woman. It is not pro anything, not even the righteous male, if Job is any example of that, because God slaughters all his children (Job 1:13-22). Test or no test, that is just plain obscene and barbarous. Not to mention, God kills 42 children for teasing his prophet in 2 Kings 2:23-24. Christians really need to “Go up!” on a mountain or some place secluded and actually read the damn book!

However, if one wants to be superstitious about miscarriages, also called spontaneous abortions, God does more abortions than human Ob-Gyns put together, because 90% of pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion in very early pregnancy. The murder rate for their deity is higher than that of Hitler, a Catholic, before one finishes the Old Testament alone. In fact, there is not enough space in this rant to include all the murderous deeds attributed their supposed god in the Old Testament alone. Add to that, the New Testament, in which the humans actually did the barbaric killing, he is attributed to killing his own son! Who kills his own child? This son is also himself, in a twisted bizarre sort of way, which I will not even go into, but it is truly barbaric and not the “greatest story ever told”.

Oh yes, this is also the very same god which Abraham nearly sacrifice his own son, Isaac (Genesis 22:8, Ishmael in the case of the Quran, which is just as horrid), until God offered him a goat instead. It does not make it any better, because animal sacrifice is just as horrid. This is also the same so-called God who made an agreement with Jephthah, if his side won the war, to kill, or offer, if you must, the first person who met him when he got home. Jephthah murdered his daughter, his only child, as the “burnt offering” and in that story, no animal was offered in her stead (Judges 11:29-40). Nice. NOT! Those were horrid ideas to begin with and in today’s society, any parent who thought God wanted them to sacrifice or use as a burnt offering his/her own child would be placed in a mental institution and their children placed in foster care. That is hardly pro-life, pro-child, or even pro-woman. In fact, the Bible, in Luke 23:29, blesses a barren womb, which is also not conducive to life nor does it support the idea that God forbids abortions.

Christians can twist the Bible any demented way they want, even say, “Well, God gave Abraham a goat and replaced Job’s children”, but murder is still murder and giving someone more children is not a replacement for the former ones. It is as bad as saying, “Well, we didn’t pull the trigger. That person was a lone gun man.” Right, just as the unstable person that the Right yanked his chain until he snapped, killed Dr. Tiller, and now the Right is saying just that, when they encouraged it! No, he was not a lone man. This Prolife group, which is very much delusionally religious, left Dr. Tiller’s home and church address on the shooter’s car dash. Therefore, they were very much involved in encouraging him to be a predator that hunted Dr. Tiller down and shot him as though he were wild game. Actually, I rather see a lion kill his prey to eat dinner than a human kill in cold blood, because it is less revolting and I actually think other animals are better in that they rarely kill their own species.

The Right has no care in the world for life- any life and why should they with examples such as that? They only thing they care about is controlling people, right down to what they think and what they do. When that does not happen, they take extreme measures by finding someone who does not care what happens to them if s/he does something in the name of their god. This is not just an Islamic extremist thing, but even a Christian extremist thing too. Just about every religion has their extremists who would go to extremes to force their views onto people.

In fact, some crazies are praying that God will kill Obama if he does not change his stance on abortion and one person even said on the Randi Rhodes Show “hate is good, because God hates”. What sort of god is that and since when does anyone tell said deity what to do? Last I heard you could not tell God what to do nor can anyone scream fire in a theatre either. The propaganda the Right puts out encourages such violence and when it happens they refuse to take any responsibility in the matter, but still state the person got what they deserved. I do not see how anyone deserves barbaric murder regardless of what a person chooses to have as a god concept. Gee, I wonder how they would react if someone murdered Fred Phelps? I think they would be just as upset as sane people are about the murder of Dr. Tiller, except they would be screaming the murderer would go to hell, instead of the victim. It is so insane.

Personally, I am sick of seeing the Religious Reich’s death and destruction, but as long as we have such delusional people wanting to control others, we will see barbaric acts that are worse than other animals. The worst predator is the human for it seems they will kill almost anything when they are delusional with some Stone Age myth. Dr. Tiller did nothing wrong and he was not a monster. He was a human being. In fact, he helped people, yet the Religious Reich blew what he did out of proportion and then found a crazed bloke to do their dirty work. It is worse than other animals and the Religious Reich has blood on their hands once again.

Do I believe the killer should be punished via “an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth” mentality, AKA the death penalty? No, there has been enough of that thinking going around in this case and I think that should end now, especially when it should never been in the first place. It is time we said “Enough” and find another means to punish the person who killed Dr. Tiller. Maybe it is time we came up with penal colonies or something for such criminals.

(Endnote: Thanks to Rev. Atheistar and the FFRF for helping me with chapters and verses to document the stories and alike, which I knew were there, just not the chapters and verses.)

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