A Believer's Last Prayer

by JezuzFree

himmelwärtsImage by derpunk via Flickr

I'd like to share with you the last prayer I uttered as a Christian a few weeks ago. After 28 years of being a Christian, I'm now a very happy Atheist.

This morning, Lord, I come before You
A Holy Soldier at Your feet
It is I, Nobody Special
A Jar of Clay that You complete

I’ve lived my life as a Believer
Extolled Your virtues, praised Your name
A Demon Hunter, Holy Soldier
Saved by Grace, my only claim

I’ve lived by faith, my Creed persistent
A Living Sacrifice for You
But where’s the proof? It’s nonexistent
Imaginary will just not due

An Ultimatum is before me
Set by me by my free will
The Crucified or rationality
I want real truth to set me free

My mind’s made up, I choose You not
It’s Evanescence of the faith
At Six Feet Deep I’ll simply rot
The soul’s not Payable On Death

I will not cry for Your Deliverance
When my time comes As I Lay Dying
Will love my neighbor and Die Happy
Will change the world or will die trying

A Barren Cross is a nice story
But so is Santa and Mother Goose
I believe not in eternal glory
Not by Christ, Allah nor Zeus

I’m not the Bride, and not the Stryper
I nailed You not to cross nor tree
I am no longer Your Disciple
From this day on, I’m JezuzFree

I can only hope that this is of some encouragement to those still “on the fence” between Christianity and Atheism. It was a big step for me, and one that I’m very happy to have taken. The recent Christian might notice that the names of multiple Christian bands are mentioned in the prayer. They’re the bands that I listened to for many years. Don’t be afraid, help others, live for love, and enjoy life. You only get one.

There's a reading of the prayer on my YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/i6R74.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

This is me, living JezuzFree.

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