I can honestly say I hate religion

by Cesar

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There aren't many things in this world that I hate but I can honestly say I hate religion. Religion is a cancer, a plaque on the human mind. Humanity is capable of such great things but it's a shame that things such as religion, greed and politics hold us back. So here goes my little rant, I hope this finds its way onto a person's monitor who is looking for some reason to drop religion but just can't seem to find one. So here it goes, my basic reasons why religion is bullshit.

1) Most of the world's religions came about in a time of great ignorance. Forget everything you know and put yourself in the shoes of someone 2000 years ago. No Internet, no TV, no information. How can people who couldn't explain why it rained, why you got sick or why the sun came up everyday possibly explain how the entire universe was created? They couldn't! They were people like me and you but with A LOT less information about the world we live in. Put it this way, I was watching this video in a presentation at work about information. It said that on the average, a person living today comes across more information in one week than someone living in the 18th century did in their entire life time! That is insane and its only 300 years ago... now imagine even further back, even less information.

2) Like I said in one of my posts on this site- The earth is just one planet around one star in our galaxy. Our galaxy is estimated to be a mid-size galaxy with about 200 billion stars. There are billions of galaxies in the observable universe. Do the math. Can anyone actually understand how big that is? To think we are some divine species and that a "creator" of such a vast universe would actually care about your petty little prayers or would play an active role in your daily life is just ridiculous.

Jesus actually appears to be a carbon copy of the Egyptian god Horus. 3) In case you haven't noticed the universe is a very violent place. Black holes rip matter apart in the most violent way you can dream of. Stars explode and take out anything orbiting it. Gamma ray burst can fry planet's atmospheres. It goes on and on and on. Let's take a closer look at our own planet. Look at the ecological system. Animals kill animals to eat. Animals kill (destroy) vegetation to eat. Everything is about destroying or consuming something else in order to survive. Violence is natural in our universe and our universe wouldn't exist today if it weren't for this violent cycle of death and rebirth. Now I'm not saying it's ok for you to go pick up a gun and go killing people but what I am saying is "god" doesn't care about you dying. If a deadly virus were to spread and millions of people died it's not "god's" will and no matter how much you pray "god" is not going to protect you. You think only bad people died when the tsunami struck a few years back? Everyone died, good people, bad people, old, young, men, women, kids, religious, non religious..etc What's the rationale behind a loving, caring god that allows thousands of innocents to die in such a horrible way?

4) What makes one religion right and all others wrong? No religion has any proof to back up anything they say. What makes a religion "true" for someone has to do with how they were raised. If your parents constantly bombarded you with crap when growing up and made you think that it was a sin to question it chances are you are going to follow that belief system and think it is true. It is a form of social brainwashing.

5) Jesus... man or myth? I for one never believed in religion as much as people around me tried to influence me however I did actually believe that at least a historical jesus existed, no supernatural water walking jesus, just a man like me and you. Recently I have come across some evidence that questions whether he even existed.

As everyone knows history was recorded through scholars that lived at different times. What is interesting about Jesus story is that out of about 20 non-church affiliated scholars that lived around the Mediterranean at the time of Jesus, not one mentioned him by name. That is very odd considering the big controversy he was stirring up at the time. Every major figure in history has been written about through several different sources but not Jesus. The only people to write about him were directly affiliated with the church. The biggest one was Flavius Josephus whose writings have come in to question throughout the ages. Not to mention that he wasn't even born until well after Jesus was dead. Also, if Jesus was such a big pain in the ass for the romans, why aren't there any roman records of a person named Jesus that was executed by them. It's all quite odd and definitely deserves some further research.

6) I have read and seen a lot of these conspiracy theories out there on the net and honestly I believe most of them are crap. I did come across one that stated Christianity was copied from ancient Egyptian religion. I read about how the ten commandments were a copy of a section in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. I was a little skeptical at first so I decided to order the book. I went to amazon and purchased a copy of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Guess what? They weren't lying. The similarities between the ten commandments and the Egyptian version were too similar for coincidence.

Jesus actually appears to be a carbon copy of the Egyptian god Horus. This particular information cannot be found in any history books and that what the bible thumpers will fight back with BUT they are found in the pyramids of Luxor, directly inscribed on the walls. They hieroglyphs say that the virgin Isis (Virgin Mary) was impregnated by the holy ghost of Neth, impregnating Isis.

Noah was also a plagiarism of belief system before its time. There are over 200 claims of the great flood before Noah's time with other figures similar to Noah, a good example is Gilgamesh which was written in 2600 BC. It talks about a flood and an ark with animals on it..etc you get the picture. If anyone wants this information leave a message and I can send you sources or you can just google it yourself. Once you start researching pre-Christian beliefs you will start finding so many similarities you will be amazed.

7) Religion is power. Granted they don't have the power they used to have but they still have enough influence so that their leaders will never have to worry about money. Someone once said that the best business to start is a religion. Religions takes in billions of dollars and don't have to pay a dime in taxes. Religion instills fear in the minds of it's followers. They try to tell you that if you don't accept it you will burn in hell forever. I mean damn, that's a pretty scary thought. So what to people do, they follow it just in case, I mean who wants to burn in hell for eternity. Look at catholics, they condemn the use of birth control. They don't want you to have one or two kids. They want you to have a huge family so their following can continue to grow along with their profits. The more people they have, the more donations they get.

Right here by my house there is an old church. They decide that they dont like the way it looks anymore so they start asking everyone to contribute more money. Some of these people hardly have money to put food on their table and they are contributing money they don't have for "god's" cause. So what does the church? They build a bigger badder church that wound up costing $7,000,000 when it was all said and done with. How can they do this when in the same neighborhood there are people homeless and starving? How about those TV Evangelists with their fancy cars living in mansions out on the hill. Why can't people see this is a scam?

8) How about all the horrible things the church has done over the ages. The inquisition, the crusades, putting people in jail or sentencing them to death when going against their beliefs.

Lucky for us now we have access to a wealth of information so they cant get away with most of the crap they used to get away with but people are still ignorant. A lot of people still live their lives based on fear. A lot of atrocities are still committed based on religious beliefs. We need to break out of this vicious cycle of passing on BS beliefs to our kids so we can finally end the stranglehold that religion has on the planet. The day we completely toss religion out the door and live our lives based on mutual respect for one another is the day this planet will start to become a true paradise where we can excel in things such as technology, medicine and other things that will benefit mankind.

So this is my little rant for exchristian.net. I hope this will spark a little flame in someone's mind who needs that initial push to breakaway from religion.

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