War on Science

The premise of this program is that there is a war going on against science and reason.

Video approximately 49 minutes in length.


Anonymous said...

That was interesting

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested in reading some interesting and pertinent discussion on the topic of the Dover trial, check the archives of the "Dispatches from the Culture wars" blog at:


Nearly all the entries will contain the word "Dover" or "Kitzmiller." Caution: there are lots!

Unknown said...

Nice documentary.

The only think that irks me is that pitting of 'religion' against 'science'. There is actually viable religion out there that does not involve sticking your head in the sand and that does make it possible and even nourishes (scientific) enquiry.

I would much rather be precise and say 'orthodox theists' or 'fundamentalist christians' rather than the broader term, that eronically encompasses all of theism.


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