Bookstores have Noticed Atheists

Minnesota Atheists notes a new policy at Borders Books — they've put up a small display section dedicated to books about atheism.

If you've ever been frustrated in a search for books on nonbelief in your local bookstore or annoyed by their inclusion in the comparative religion section, Borders Books has remedied the situation. "Atheism and Agnosticism" has been added as a new section for the works of Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and many others. We hope other bookstores will follow this example, and encourage our members to suggest they do.

A reader actually sent me a photo of this miracle.

Of course, compare the size of that to the "New Age," or "Religion" section of your typical bookstore, and you can see we've got a ways to go yet. I'm going to have to insist that everyone go out and buy these books. After you've finished reading them, I expect you to write a book of your own, so we can fill up a wide rack of our own.

If you have doubts that you can write a book... have you read any of the books in the New Age or Self-Help or Pop Psych or Religion sections? Lobotomized monkeys could do better.

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Anonymous said...

I wish my bookstore was like that. I almost got kicked out because I asked why the bible wasnt in the fiction section.
Hahaha, labotamized monkeys, good one.

Anonymous said...

I noticed two sections in one of the big chain bookstores. One titled "Religion" the other titled "Religious Fiction". How do they decide which section to put a book in?

Anonymous said...

I am not atheist but neither but i am an extian.My place's broders have to find atheism books near the xtianity site-and everytime i go there i saw some obviously intolerance books about other religions

Anonymous said...

I DUNNO why ,but i can only find more historical research near the atheism books.

twincats said...

I don't know if I'd get out the champagne just yet...

I've worked retail in a couple of nationwide chain stores (not any bookstores, so I may be talking out my a** here.)

I saw this story on another blog and it had photos of the Borders display. It's what is called an end cap; the displays at the end of store aisles.

End caps tend to be promotional and/or seasonal items and rotate on a regular basis, so it's not at all clear that the display is a permanent or even a long term one.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that this post is plagarized almost word for word from PZ Myers site.

But I digess.

Publishers have simply recognized a niche market that they can derive some more bucks from...not the demand that we go out and "buy all the books".

In fact, the post is probably a publisher plant.

They do that, you know.

webmdave said...


The post is clearly linked to Myers' site. See the word LINK at the end of the post?

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