Happy Friday!

By DocMike

TZIF! Thank Zeus it's Friday! If christians can thank a mythical god for good things that happen and things that are inevitable (like Fridays), why can't do the same?

I think the christian god has had exclusive rights to Fridays for too long! It's time to dethrone him! So before some christian can recite their tag line, why not throw them a curve ball by thanking some other mythical character? I find it really freaks them out and often prompts some very interesting conversations...

Happy Friday, everyone!

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Unknown said...

Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster it's Friday!!! Amen Brother

Unknown said...

I never thought of it like that...
Yes, certainly TGIF, because otherwise, Saaattaaannn might've throw another Monday in there between Thursday and Friday...

Astreja said...

Thank Freyja it's Friday!

Emanuel Goldstein said...

There is nothing inevitable about Friday arriving, or at least anyone being around for it.

With the nuclear weapons and other wmds that the atheistic scientists (Dawkins assures us most scientists are atheists) have provided to the nations...then all civilization could be eliminated by tommorrow afternoon.

Yep, Oppenheimer was right, the scientists have blood on their hands.

If you supply weapons to waring gangs, you are culpable.

So, nothing inevitable about Friday.

Astreja said...

Andrew, there are a lot of people with strong religious beliefs who are purchasing armaments and equipping militias at this very moment. Perhaps you, a person of strong religious belief, should abandon the field here and go talk to them instead?

Anonymous said...

Andrew, in typical christian fashion, has missed the entire point of my comic... Shocking!

ryan said...

Andrew, what you have said only makes sense if you are of a pacifist persuasion, such as Quaker, Unitarian, Amish or Mennonite. Otherwise, your hands are as bloody as anyone else's. I am talking about the inquisition, the persecutions, and the endless religion wars.

I do not hear too many christians calling for a ban on weapons.

Where was the christian outcry when two japanese cities were atomic-bombed?

Hellbound Alleee said...

Yes, astreja, Thank Frejya it's Friday!

When you look at Friday in other languages, it has other names--but they are all goddesses of love.

So let's all love on Friday, or Venredi, named for Venus!

Hellbound Alleee said...

The inevitableness of Friday is assured, when using common inductive reasoning. I prefer not to be an "andrew" and live with my head under the covers, praying for Jehovah to change his will.

Emanuel Goldstein said...

All the replies skip over the point that ATHEISTIC SCIENTISTS are the ones who developled nuclear weapons (Dawkins assures us most scientists are atheists) and keep supplying new ones.

Whoever is buying them does not left the ones who are making them off the hook.

If you provide weapons to waring gangs YOU ARE COMPLICIT!

And the ATHEIST SCIENTISTS are making them...according to Dawkins.


Shouldn't they know better, being so superior and all?

But come to think of it, atheists in power have never been against killing...so what the heck.

THE ACE said...

Andrew, or whoever you are:I will
be blunt. I don't give a rat's ass
who invented nuclear weapons, Atheists, Christians, Hindus, or
Moslems. I have yet to meet an
American fundamentalist Christian
who doesn't think America needs
every nuclear weapon it can get its
hands on. Remember Jerry Falwell's
protest over the TV-movie "The Day
After," because he claimed it was
against America having nuclear weapons? (That's nuculer to all
you Bush fans). If these weapons
are ever used, Its a good bet they'll be used by radical Moslems
or Christians to prove "their God

webmdave said...

Andrew's argument is silly. Every people group on the planet in every age of history has been building and developing weapons.

Besides, there are many more applications for nuclear power besides bombs.

And as far as I am aware, the only people to actually use nuclear weapons to kill other people came from "Christian" America! Come to think of it, it was "Christian" America who put up the money to develop the first atomic bombs.

Hmm. Imagine that. Nuclear weapons were financed by and used by Christian America and no one else has ever used one! Ever!

Just "CHRISTIAN" America!

THE ACE said...

Webmaster: An excellent point. It
should also be pointed that Germany, which long considered itself a Christian nation, and ruled by the Catholic Adolph Hitler, was hard at work in WWII
developing nuclear weapons. (Luckily, we beat them to it, or perhaps New York City and other East Coast population centers wouldn't exist today). I find it
very hard to believe that every
scientist who ever worked on
nuclear weapons, no matter what
their nationality, was an atheist.

And like most Christians, Andrew
ignores the slaughter of Jews
perpetuated by the Crusaders on their way to the Holy Lands, or
the church-backed Spanish Inquisition.

twincats said...

Meanwhile, back at the topic, I nominate the acronym IGIF for I'm Glad It's Friday.

[back off topic] If andrew wants so badly to talk (rant) about nuclear weapons and scientists with "blood on their hands" he should START HIS OWN THREAD instead of hijacking a totally unrelated topic.

As it is, he's a thread hijacker and a troll and deserves to be ignored.

Emanuel Goldstein said...

Webmaster..."Christian America"?

I thought this was not a Christian nation.

Oh, I guess thats except when you want it to be.

And the atheists invented the nukes and keep making them.

Fundies only TALK about the end of the world.

The atheists have made it possible!

After all, I am sure you are aware that Oppenheimer, daddy of the bomb, said that the scientists have blood on their hands.

boomSLANG said...

I don't want to speak on anyone's behalf, but I'm pretty sure that by the use of quotations around the word "Christian", as in the term Christian nation, it was implied that it is largely Christians who insist the U.S. is a "Christian nation", a nation "founded on Christianity"...in which case, the Webmaster's original premise stands.

Andrew..Oh, I guess thats except when you[Atheists] want it to be.[want America to be a "Christian nation"]

Seems quite the opposite, really---it's Christians who want to pat themselves, and their invisible babysitter, "Yahweh", on the back, when America does something good. But if America should f%ck something up royally, they fall back on the.. "but, but....but they weren't a True Christian", bullshit.

Uh huh.... 'funny how that works.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew...you're using a COMPUTER and the INTERNET, both invented by those "atheistic scientists." Aren't you afraid of going to hell for that? Maybe you should do yourself and us a favor and quit using any modern scientific invention, especially your computer and the internet.

ryan said...

Andrew, I agree with chucky. Get out of this culture and go back to Amishland, marry the little dog-faced girl with the bonnet, and spend the remainder of your days scooping horseshit.

Look, shitkicker, why don't you check the history of the world? We cannot say that christians, as a group, have been peacemakers. As a group, christians have been just as bloothirsty as any other group. That is because christians are a GROUP. Get it? They are not god's people. They do not belong to a church founded by god's son. They are simply a group of people who come together because they have got a few ass-hairs crosswise and need to kill people.

And while you're at it, check out that bible that you no doubt love so much. Read what I call the "war stories". The carnage is sickening--whole ethnic groups slaughtered off in the name of the jewgod. These are the chosen people? Shit, I would sooner join the nazi party. Where do I sign?

You fucking christians have this fucking body-count mentality: "Oh we are better than them;we havn't killed as many people as they have. Andrew, if I rape 5 little girls, and you rape 2, are you better than me?

Why don't all you christians get together and repudiate weapons of all kinds, everything from nukes to Barlow knives. I aint heard it yet, nor do I expect to.

And just one more thing, you little weasel-dick: if this country was ever in danger of being overrun, I would be more than happy to bear arms again. I would be more than happy to defend the sorry lives of your kind, while you are whimpering in your church and begging your god for victory.

Thank Oppenheimer for nukes, and if I believed in god, I would thank god for Oppenheimer.

sconnor said...

No doubt you spent untold hours meticulously sieving through the thousands of scientists that produced the science that made it possible for an atom bomb to be constructed, thereby showing that each and everyone of them was an atheist.
I'm sure you also made note that layman, draftsman, craftsman, construction workers also worked on the development of the atomic bomb and I'm sure you poured your heart and soul into researching all of them to make sure they were atheists.

You seem to be living in a bunker of Bibles wallowing in the bliss of non-reality. I suspect you believe there was only a handful of scientist -- and only scientists -- who worked on the atom bomb. In reality, when it was all said and done the Manhattan project alone employed 130,000 people which resulted in multiple research facilities across America.

Now this doesn't even include the research that came before the Manhattan project or the other countries that were involved, like England and Canada.

Your dumb-ass, narrow sighted, generalization -- that atheists developed the nuclear weapon, because Dawkins says most scientists are atheists -- is incredibly moronic and reeks of a simpletons mind, full of mush. You should really take your index finger out from between your upper and lower lip and stop making quick up and down movements -- the sound of your incessant babbling (bbbbeeebbbeBBBBeeeebbEEBbBBBBeebbbb) distracts you from making any logical OR coherent arguments, based in reality. And while your at it take your thumb out of your ass as well.


ryan said...

I would like to say a few more words to Andrew. I have known more intelligent doorknobs, but I'll continue.

I was brought up in a church known as Apostolic Christian. This faith sprang up ,like the Amish and Mennonite, when people realized that the reformation was bullshit and that men like luther and calvin were crackpots. The groups I have named go under the name "Anabaptist". These people do not have blood under their nails as most christians do.

Apostolic Christians are non-combatant. They have served with honor and distinction in this country's wars as battlefield medics, and have never taken a human life. Although I have never joined this denomination--I do not fit in--I have a respect for them. This came home to me when I was in vietnam. We sent thousands of teenage boys through a giant meatgrinder for a pack of stone-age savages who didn't even have a word for freedom in their language. The AC's--as they call themselves--did not participate in this insanity.

And now, Andrew, the big question, which I have asked before (see post of March 15) Where were your precious christians when all this was going on? Hmmm? Kindly shut your slobbering mouth about nukes and Oppenheimer and blood on our hands. Let's see you make a stand. Do it. Become a pacifist and put a stop to war. Otherwise, shut your fucking mouth.

David said...


Remember the talk we had about being nice?
Your not trying hard enough.

ryan said...

No, I am not trying at all.

I suspect your posting is a joke--I have real difficulty taking it seriously.

Okay, let's go through this one more time. Andrew was not invited in here. Nobody asked him to come wandering in and to accuse us all of being killers an warmongers.

Andrew is just another christian shithead whose main talent is to insult us with that drivel he calls his religion.

Let me try to get this through your head.....again. I am an atheist and proud to be so. Atheism gets a man off his knees and on his feet and returns our self-respect to us. I do not like being told that I am operating at the moral level of Genghis Khan. Clear enough, so far?

Just one more thing: "about that little talk". If you think that you talk and I listen, you are dumber that I ever suspected. Now drag your sorry ass out of here.

David said...


You talk about atheism returning your self respect to you but you do nothing but disrespect yourself by using that language. And I find that you are just as biggoted as the Christians you persecute. And you advocate the same violance against Christians that you have acused them of inflicting on others. How are you any better then them?

Just shine on your brother, man.

ryan said...

I show respect to those who deserve it and who have earned it. There isn't a thing wrong with shitting on someone like andrew; not a thing. And yes, I am better than them. You're goddamned right I am better than them.

And what the goddamned hell could you possibly mean by "shine on your brother"? MY WHAT? You are trivializing the ideal of brotherhood by such a ridiculous statement.

My suggestion to you is to talk to Andy Panda and tell him learn some basic social skills. Otherwise, he will get the same treatment, IE, that which he is asking for, and which he probably enjoys to begin with. Now fuck off.

David said...


What is wrong with showing respect to everyone, regardless of if you agree with them or not? It's not hard and it makes you a better, well adjusted person. What does all that venom and anger gain you? Explain how being nasty and foul improves your life or makes you a better person. Can't you disagree with out being nasty?

sconnor said...

Yeah right David, Instead of debating his salient and germane points, you run out of options and ammunition and you can only attack how something is said. Oooooooooo, He used profanity, it's not respectful -- it doesn't distract from the real points he was making. He's an adult and he can use the language that he so desires.

So now that you get my point, fuck off, you language nazi.

And if you don't like it get the fuck out of dodge, you stupid motherfucker.


Astreja said...

To David: I feel that genuine respect comes from within and therefore can only be given of one's own free will. Regardless of societal norms, it is not automatically owed to anyone for any reason whatsoever.

It is very difficult to even consider according respect to Internet trolls. They find websites diametrically opposed to their own views, install themselves where they are obviously not welcome, and try to see how many people they can enrage.

But personally, I find an occasional blast of foul language to be rather cathartic.

So, in the long run, people like Andrew are inadvertently helping us distance ourselves even more from Christianity. Ironic, n'est-ce pas?

ryan said...

david, your entertainment value rises with every passing day. Your display of incompetence is hilarious.I still suspect that you are a fake, and at the risk of my better judgement, I will proceed.

You have a skull as thick as the bulkheads of the New Jersey. I am weary of your effeminate whining. Wipe your ass and pull up your shorts and get the bleeding hell out of here.

If you had the time, the willingness, or the ability to read andrew's posts, you would understand that he is the one showing disrespect, not us. If someone slapped you across the mouth, and you fought back, are you showing disrespect? What part of the galaxy are you from?

Numbnuts, atheism is a proud way of life; it is arrived at after hard thought and experience, and is defended with honesty and sincerity. We do not react kindly when little xtian asswipes come in here to preach.

These little goat turds have been in here countless times, accusing us of all the crimes against humanity. There was this one piece of excrement who kept chanting about "hitler; stalin; pol pot". Following this he would talk about his atheist uncle who would come home drunk and rape his wife. We get this shit all the time, and when we react in anger, we are in the wrong? Hmmm?

Andrew says that we are responsible for nuclear weapons, nuclear war, and his god only knows what else. You expect us to listen to this mindless slander and remain polite? Fuck you. Fuck yourself.

The christian regards us as contemptible and worthy of eternal torment. (Have you read "Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God") You accused me of being "nasty and foul". Nothing is as nasty and foul as the christian religion. Those who come in here to spread this filth will get the response they deserve. Now take your idealistic drivel and go back to your guitar and leave us the fuck in peace.

And david, if you like, I can introduce you to a site that shows drawings of all the torture devices used by the inquisition. These devices were used by christians against those who did not agree with them, or those who were different. My kind did not start this shit, yours did. So learn respect before you come to preach.

Hello to sconner and astreja, and thank you for your show of kindness and respect.

And Astreja, I proudly wear Thor's Hammer.

David said...


I read all of Andrew's points and don't agree with the conclusions that he draws. However, I don't thinkbtelling him to fuck himself does anybody any good. It only hurts both parties. I do think his scientist argument is very similar to the kind of argument that atheists here make against Christians.


Of course showing respect comes from ones own free will. So does showing disrespect. I think how one handles strife and adversity speaks volumes to ones character. I haven't said one thing to Ryan of a threatening nature or spoken about god or hell or anything, but I am disrespected. I am disrespected just because I am categorized with Christianity. Isn't that bigotry? I here Christian bigotry protested here all the time. Why isn't bigotry in all its forms reviled here? I don't get it.

I think there is a double standard in this community. You expect more from other than you expect from yourselves.

ryan said...

david has successfully drawn away attention from andrew to himself, probably what he wants. So be it.

And now, david, it is obvious by this time that you are faking all this. Nobody could be so stupid as you pretend to be. You are doing this just to piss me off, and I am a fool for falling for it. And let me repeat myself......fuck you.

David said...


Wrong. Your assumptions, your theories, your conclusions are wrong, wrong, wrong. What terrible things made you this way?

ryan said...

Okay, this is turning into a clever little game. The jig is up, david, or whoever the hell you are. You could be any one of the dozens of trolls that I have seen come through here. The WM is going to catch up to you eventually and toss your silly ass out of here.

Look jerkoff, you just became too obvious, okay? You put on this fucking act about how you just couldn't understand why I was being this way, when it would have been obvious to a child.

Wanna play some more? Sure. Your turn.

David said...


We should get lunch sometime.

ryan said...

Hey, this IS a fun game. Okay, now I got one: why don't we go to Tehran and pick up a few chicks. I hear those muslim girls are dyin' for it.

David said...


"There're dying for it". That's in poor taste isn't it? Wait, that was a stupid question. I forgot who I was talking to for a moment.

I'm happily married so I must decline. Want to come to my church Sunday?

Astreja said...

I wear a Mjollnir also, Ryan, along with a small oath-ring as a reminder to face the stark realities of whatever troubling situation I may find myself in.

Oh, and I also wear a Valknut when I'm "on call" for valkyrie duty. Gotta get those Einherjar off the battlefield and over to the party at Dad's place. ;-)

Astreja said...

As for you, David... I see no reason whatsoever why we should "grin and bear it" when some superstitious jerk comes in here and likens us to psychopathic, power-mad tyrants. The purpose of this site is, after all, to provide a sounding board for people who have had extremely negative religious experiences.

"What terrible things made you this way?", you said to Ryan.

For many of us, it was Christianity. Until your life experiences put you in a similar position to ours, I suspect that it may be difficult for you to understand the depth of our anger and pain regarding your religion.

Speaking for Myself only here, I don't presume to stand on any particular, objectively verifiable "moral high ground" but I do call fouls as I see them. You, David, started lecturing us on how we should conduct ourselves on our own site. To Me, that *is* as offensive as threatening us with hellfire, because it sets up an unpleasant parent-child paradigm (with you as the All-Knowing Adult talking down to the "kids").

Not acceptable here.


Please leave this site.

ryan said...

Are you out of your rabbit-ass mind? YOUR CHURCH? Talk about bad taste,jesus, your kind invented bad taste. Sitting there with a bunch of cretins singing jesus songs and listening to some bible-school graduate telling me how to think? I wouldn't come within a thousand meters of your church.

Astreja, hi. My wife got me my hammer just recently. I am taking classes at a little catholic school and lots of students wear a cross of some kind. So here I come with my golden hammer. Hell, I always did stand out.

You know, it is always the women who ask me what it is. It's as though they can sense the power of this symbol.

Classes are over for the day and I gotta get home and feed my cats.


ryan said...

astreja, your post came in right with mine and I just saw it. Good work.

David said...


Your right, I don't understand where you are coming from. But you managed to somehow voice your objections without being vulgar and gross. If you had spoken to Ryan about toning down the vulgarity instead of me would it have been as offensive to Ryan? Or does just my affiliation with Christianity warrant the disrespect? What I was talking about had nothing to do with Christ or Christianity. The average person from any walk of life would agree, IMO.

David said...


Your right. What was I thinking. Christians are stupid. I can continue this tomorrow cause I have a busy schedule today. I have to bomb an abortion clinic, ethnicly cleanse my block, brainwash my kids and cook dinner tonight.


webmdave said...

Thank Tyr it's Tuesday!

Apparently this argument has degenerated into an argument over the relative merits of vulgar or profane language.


I think what is the most interesting to me whenever a Christian starts banging this particular drum (No David, you're not the first Christian to get his panties in a twist because some poor schmuck says fuck.) is the assumed arrogant air of authority.

Some people, David, do have anger issues when they finally escape the mind shackles of religion. If off-color language offends you so deeply that it becomes a ridiculously drawn out rabbit trail, I recommend you explore the little red X in the corner of the page.

Here's another thought. When someone tells you to fuck off, just turn the other cheek. Just a suggestion.

To everyone: Let's get this thread back on track, hmm? If David want's to play Mother Moral Superior, perhaps he should left to play alone.

sconnor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sconnor said...

You also forgot about getting on your soap box and telling why profanity hurts your virgin ears. You also forgot about burning witches, beating up gays, making your wives serve you, denying blood transfusions, teaching the ignorance of creationism, stoning your kids because they disobeyed and generally living in a bible bubble where you and your delusional christian ilk get the golden ticket to heaven, while the other 70% of the world gets punished by being tortured in the flames of hell for an eternity.

And if you missed it or ignored it, here was my other post you didn't respond to:

Yeah right David, Instead of debating his salient and germane points, you run out of options and ammunition and you can only attack how something is said. Oooooooooo, He used profanity, it's not respectful -- it doesn't distract from the real points he was making. He's an adult and he can use the language that he so desires. It's painfully obvious you are playing your delusional morality card that gives you the false sense of superiority. You can't defend your points so you resort to bemoaning about crude language and respect.

"Boo hoo hoo hoo, mommy they're callin' me mean names and makin' fun of me -- I told them I'm better because I use flowery language and not that yucky mean old bad words, I'm a good christian right mommy?"

So now that you get my point, fuck off, you language nazi.

And if you don't like it, get the fuck out of dodge, you stupid motherfucker.


David said...


I never challenged what he said. I don't care. Be hates Christians. He hates Christianity. This I'd an ex-Christian websit, I'm not suprised. He can say whatever he wants. Just clean it up. And as far as those other things you mentioned, it is only Tuesday and I will have time throughout the week to finish the list.


You have lashed other Christians and trolls for using profanity. How about showing a little consistency with your plow ex-ians.

webmdave said...

Dearest David,

If you're here to discuss something relative to the OP, then your posts will be tolerated and grudgingly endured. If, on the other hand, you continue to insist that the form of expression by some ex-Christian posters on this site conform to your personally preferred ideal... Well, I can assure you that that is simply not going to happen. If you've read the site disclaimer, you know that this site is for ex-Christians and no one else. I strongly suggest you immediately get down off your self-righteous high horse. Continuing to stubbornly demand that a poster here "clean it up" for no other reason than that you demand it will no doubt engender a great volume of angry, resentful and colorful responses.

If you continue to goad the ex-Christian posters here in this fashion, your posts will no longer be welcome.

I hope I've made myself clear.

Have a great day!

sconnor said...

I'm not suprised. He can say whatever he wants. Just clean it up.

That's not your decision, shit head, who the fuck do you think you are, telling someone how to express themselves? Last I checked we live in America, where we have a right to express ourselves and we are not ruled by delusional religious fanatics, like yourself, dictating what is right or wrong in the way we express ourselves, forcing their brand of morality down our throats.

Oh I forgot, that's right, you are under the delusional idea that your form of morality is the only correct form and god is in agreement with you. Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo.

Go preach your morality somewhere else you dumb ass dick-head.


CinemaNet said...


Just wanted to add my own two cents.

FUCK OFF, you worthless piece of shit. Get a fucking disease and die in the worst possible way. You are a brainless, shit-eating, festering excuse for a human being, what little humanity you HAD rotted away by the disease that is religion. You are not fooling anyone. You are only here to try to prove to yourself that your disease is worthwhile. You are a victim. You should be hospitalized. No one here is interested in any discourse with you in any way. It is clear that you are a phony and a fraud and could not POSSIBLY believe what you're saying. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here, bolstering your shitty deluded ego. This is a free country, you FUCKTARD, and I will say what I damn well please. I don't give a rusty FUCK if you want me to be nice about it.





And see no need to be nice about it. Least of all on a fucking discussion board! The rules don't call for ME to be civil about it, so why should I?!

So, please . . .




Thanks. Hope this clears everything up.

David said...


Thanks for clearing all that up. I really didn't get it until your beautifully worded post so perfectly revealed the inner workings of my own inner self. Thank you, thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you. I hope that some day, using your brilliant post as a guide, I can become the sh*t-eating f***tard that you believe I can be. And even though this is a free country as you said, I should know that I do not have the same freedom to post my opinions here. Thank you so much for showing me this.

You truely are, as evidenced by your profound and insightful post, a king amoung men.

Oh, if you come to any other revalations regarding me or my motivations, please share them with me. I know I am not worthy of your wisdom, but it it pleases you sire, please bestow your knowlege and show pity to this poor Christian simpleton.

Humbly yours,

Spirula said...

even though this is a free country as you said, I should know that I do not have the same freedom to post my opinions here.

Hey, WM Dave, think you can come up with a new Law (like Godwins Law) about these WATB Christians, such as Dave here, who eventually prattle on about "free country" and "freedom of speech" (as if that were relevant to an private, internet blog), after hijacking the thread for some petty little tiff. I espcially like the part were they get to whining about not being able to express their opinions on a blog they are expressing their opinions on.

Poor Dave. I hate that he's being repressed

Spirula said...


That should be david, not Dave.

SamiB said...

sconnor said: "Last I checked we live in America, where we have a right to express ourselves and we are not ruled by delusional religious fanatics"

No offence, but what is Bush if he isn't a muslim murdering religious fanatic?

boomSLANG said...

Dear David,

If, by chance, you are the same "David" who began posting on the thread titled, "You Can't Have it Both Ways Part: 2".... well, in IMHO, it would be much more effective and impressive for you - as well as the "Christian" worldview - if you would/if you could, address those questions put to you over there, that is, as opposed to remaining here trying to convince people that they need to conform to a certain standard that you evidently think exists, and that this standard is based on the very thing that most all of us have already determined for ourselves is utter bullshi...Oops, I'm sorry....I mean, have determined for ourselves is utter adult-male-bovine-excrement.

In other words, David, first... prove the standard exists, and then berate, judge, and boss people around, etc., who don't conform to it.

'Sound like a better plan?

ryan said...

I was not going to continue posting here, for fear that I would offend the WM. I have been on the best terms with Mr VanAllen and will endeavor to remain so.

David, you have experienced the worst kind of verbal abuse, and you have asked for every word of it. This shit (so sorry, does "shit" offend you?)started with that self-righteous little prick andrew (so sorry, does "prick" offend you?)trying to tell us that atheists take the collective responsibility for the possibility of nuclear war. If you will check the history of the 20th century, you will see that atheists, agnostics, and humanists have opposed war, while christians have been behind it with all their hearts.

You have heard this from me and several posters, and have avoided it. Perhaps this is what was offensive to you, not my obscenities. Understandable. If I was a christian, I would be ashamed, too.

You chose to divert attention away from andrew and toward yourself. And by god (so sorry, is the word "god" offensive?) you got it. You conduct yourself like a christian: ignoring moral issues and obsessing over "fuck" (so sorry, there's that word again. christians do get upset about sex. so sorry, does the word "sex" offend you?)

I will now tell you what I find offensive, and I will do it without reference to reproduction. What is most ugly in this world is pale excuses for men like you, having handed over your mind, your heart, and your conscience to a bizarre mysticism that should have died out during the dark ages. The ugliness continues as you childishly demand respect for your superstition, and whine when you are denied it.

All you could talk about was the word "fuck" (damn there's that word again. so sorry, does the word "damn" offend you? On this point we are going to agree. The christian idea of damnation is offensive to me)

David, get out of here and go back to your sugar creek gang books and leave us the hell alone (so sorry, does the word "hell" offend you? It offends the fucking hell out of me)

This will be my last post on this thread. Hi to all here, and especially to astreja. I have taken a liking to you.

CinemaNet said...


Glad I could help :)

I'm SO glad, as a matter of fact, I'm going to help you some more.

Nobody's stopping you from posting your opinions, asinine and completely idiotic and worthless though they may be. Nobody is holding a gun to your head, a knife to your throat, or pinning you to the floor with advanced Judo techniques. You posted your opinions, we responded, and now all of a sudden YOU lack the same freedoms as we?

I don't fucking think so.

So many Christians seem to have a problem understanding the principle of FREEDOM. I could go on a long psychoanalytical expose on WHY this is - but I'm going to refrain, David, and simply call your bullshit out. In a FREE country, David, one such as the US of A, YOU don't get to decide how I'm going to talk to you. Unless I'm threatening you, which I have not, or causing you pain, which I clearly have not (based upon your oh-so-succinct reply), then there's really not much you can do about it. And no, hurting your precious Christ-rimming feelings does not count. If we're going to have freedom of speech, David, then we're going to have to endure the fact that some people's toes are going to get stepped on. That means some people are going to talk dirty - fuck, shit, damn, ass, titties, snowballing - and that we can't just get rid of that because someone wants it to be 'cleaned up'.

Ironically enough, David, it's not okay for me to go tell you to fuck yourself, but it IS okay for YOU to tell me that unless I think a certain way, I will be going to a place after I die wherein I will suffer endless pain forever and ever and ever and ever and ever - and seeing as how you are a Christian, and seeing as how you believe in the Bible, that IS what you're telling me. The way I see it, that's a threat. I'd be more than happy to put a bullet into the skull of ANYONE who says such a thing to me, but it seems that in this country it's okay for people to say that. You have that FREEDOM - why, then, David, am I to be denied the freedom of saying that ALL Christians, regardless of how liberal their belief system is, are deluded psychotic pieces of shit excuse for human beings?

You are the worst kind of hypocrite, David. The real criminal here isn't me - it's you. You have every right to stay in your own little area and shout at the walls all day long about how much you love Jesus' rod in your garage, and not have anybody interfere with that. Fine. But when you come to MY little area and start shouting the same nonsense, do I not have a right to respond to that nonsense? Especially when that response is neither a threat or an induction of pain? The crap you spew hurts my feelings, David - I'm more than glad to turn right around and tell you that YOU are a worthless piece of shit.

But wait, don't tell me . . . YOU get to do it because YOU'RE right . . . right?

Fuck off, David.

Derek Berner said...

Thank the Gregorian Calendar and the position of Earth relative to the Sun it's Friday!

I honestly have always found the practice of thanking ANYONE or ANYTHING for our schedule of days not failing to conform to a regular, predefined system a tad absurd.

CinemaNet said...


I'm foul because I listed "snowballing" as a term that might offend some people?

Sounds to me like a personal attack on my character, David. Looks like you ARE a hypocrite.

I'm in the wrong for calling you a shit-eater, but you're not for saying I'm foul because I posted a certain word that you did not know, or like, once you discovered its meaning? Oh, wait, don't tell me - it's okay because YOU said 'foul,' and it's generally accepted that 'foul' is better than 'snowballing'? I really don't give a rat's ass what is deemed societally acceptable, David. Not too long ago, NIGGER was a fine and, indeed, PROPER word, by socially acceptable standards, of course. Are you a white male, David? Would you like to go into Harlem and see how socially acceptable THAT word is now?

But let's not worry about that right now. I have another point that needs to be made first . . .

Nobody said anything about this being a private place. Yes, anybody with a pair of fingers and the ability to type www. can find their way here . . . but guess what? This is the www.exchristian.net webmaster's domain. That means HE can allow whatever HE wants to here. So far, the www.exchristian.net webmaster doesn't seem to have a problem with my language. Seeing as how this is HIS domain, and HE can allow what he WANTS here (not what YOU or SOCIETY deem ACCEPTABLE), he can delete or block my posts when he wishes. 'Cuz guess what, David? That's his legal right. HE does not seem to find my conduct unacceptable. So go fuck yourself, David. It's not my problem if someone's child wanders in here and sees my language. Indeed, they're going to hear these words sooner or later, and if they have good enough parents to explain the nature of language to them, and not just beat them over the head with a Bible and make them feel guilty for touching themselves, then good for them. I'm not going to stop being a GROWN-ASS MAN because somebody's kid MIGHT stumble in here. You might as well tell me NOT to have sex because the neighbor's kid might stumble into the bedroom.

For that matter, someone might find this site 'unacceptable' because the Bible is openly criticized on this site. Just because it's SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE (or not) does not mean I have to curb myself, nor that society is right in its acceptance (or non-acceptance). I can't fathom why you're having such a hard time undestanding this. I am not hurting anyone - I am making no threats, revealing no one's personal information, and causing no one physical pain. I am breaking no laws. I am exercising my legal right to say what I want, whether someone finds it offensive or not. You are given the right to talk about your Christians belief, even though I find it offensive. Someone's kid might wander on to this site and see you talking about the Bible and freak out about the fact that YOU think they're going to Hell.


*bashes head against desk repeatedly*

The point is, this is a website intended for ex-Christians. Are you an ex-Christian, David? I didn't think so. Indeed, it's been out in the air for quite some time now that you are a Christian. By the title of the website alone, you should have figured that this was not your stomping ground. You should have boned up on the law before you came in here spouting your nonsense about how my behavior is "unacceptable". I don't give a flying fuck if you accept it or not, David. I don't give TWO flying fucks whether or not it is "socially acceptable". You have given me no reason to curb my language, and I will not do so. If YOU do not like my lnaguage, you have every right to leave this website and never return. No one is making you stay, David. I'm not giving up my right, as an adult, to watch porn or say certain words because someone might find it offensive. I have every right to tell you go fuck yourself. And I will exercise that right - exercise it until you're blue in the face with petty Christian rage - as long as I live.

And, David . . . I don't have to meet you. It's clear from your posts that you are an uptight, dickless little prude. And I am big, mean, Christian-hater. You would never guess this from my actual PUBLIC demeanor - I'm as easygoing, tolerant, and friendly as they come. I keep my nasty words to myself in most public situations because I really don't want to get anyone upset. But this here - this here's MY stompin' grounds, David. These people here are, in so many ways, MY family. Through this website, I've been through a lot with some of these people. We have used cussed words, talked about raunchy sex, and expressed our anger towards Christianity together. I'm not about to give that all up because YOU don't like the word "fuck".

Speaking of which . . . go fuck yourself, David.

webmdave said...

As long as "David" refuses to return to the discussion of the OP, his posts will no longer be tolerated.

David, this is not a "public" website. It is a privately owned and privately funded website with a specific purpose and audience. Please read the site disclaimer and honor it or your posts will simply disappear.


CinemaNet said...

Oh, and one more thing:

Thank R'hllor I got off of work early. It's not like the parts that we need won't be in until monday had anything to do with it . . . or maybe that was R'hllor's work all along, and not the slow boat from China? Or maybe THAT was R'hllor's work, too?


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