Why I am NOT respectful

One atheist's opinion about respecting Christianity.


Stephen_Richard_Webb said...

Nice video. Personally, I don't believe in a burning hell and would never threaten anyone with it for any reason. I do believe in a paradise though - which is pretty much the absence of all the non-sense that faith blinded people follow - in other words, total peace of the grave is heaven for me man - perfect peace profound - its natural and its easy, no worries no pain.

Anonymous said...

How ironic, he looks like Jesus* OH...NO....HE'S...THE ANTICHRIST!!


*as if we knew what Jesus looked like (as if he existed)

Boe said...

Concise an to the point. Unarguable. I was disturbed that even Colin McGinn on the Athiest Tapes could say something like:
"I would have liked religion to be true... I'd like there to be rewards for those who have been virtuous and punishments for those who've not been virtuous - especially the punishments would be good..."
OK, maybe he's got a point, but eternal punishment? Not even someone a billion times worse than Hiltler would deserve that.

Boe said...

OK... So your thinking, "Who's Hiltler." Sorry - typo.

Anonymous said...

Hell yes bro! Its nice to see that the tactics of fear and guilt have not worked on one such soul :)

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