Scientific Breakthroughs from the Bible (Part I)

By DocMike

Today's comic was inspired by a recent comment (to my last comic) on A christian poster made the statement, "There is much science in the Bible". To which, several ex-christian posters responded with various examples of scientific errors in the bible.

"... talking snakes and donkeys", "...riding chariots of fire into heaven", "...holding up a striped staff to copulating goats so they have striped kids", "... the classification of bats as birds", "Floating axe heads", "Walking on water", "Raising the dead", "Commanding the sun to stand still", "creation story", "firmament", etc.

The christian then posted links to websites that actually claim dinosaurs were mentioned in the book of Job and that they lived alongside humans! This is so preposterous that I can only laugh to keep from crying. I guess years of scientific discoveries and fossil evidence mean nothing!

Christians never cease to amaze me with their ability to live in a world so influenced (and enhanced) by science, and enjoy all of the modern conveniences of life that science has made possible, but at the same time reject science when it conflicts with what their ancient "holy book" says.

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